Topaz Gemstone Jewelry Color Guide 

Topaz gemstone jewelry color guidePure topaz is colorless, gray or pale, but topaz is usually tinted by small amounts of impurities. Several colors of topaz are commonly used in jewelry, including varying shades of blue, as well as pink and white.

Topaz is often heat treated and irradiated to give it a range of blue hues. Sky blue topaz is the lightest variety of blue topaz, and closely resembles aquamarine, but without a gray undertone. Swiss blue topaz, which is sometimes called “electric blue topaz,” is darker than sky blue topaz and is more deeply saturated with color. Most of Apples of Gold’s topaz jewelry features Swiss blue topaz, also referred to as simply “topaz” or “blue topaz.” Its vibrant beauty is evident in a wide variety of styles, including:

  • The Trillion-cut Blue Topaz and Diamond Ring features a stunning trillion-shaped 0.95 carat blue topaz center gemstone accented by the sparkle of two tiny diamonds. It could easily serve as a unique engagement ring that would catch eyes from across the room.
  • The Vintage Floral Blue Topaz Ring, also in 14k white gold, exemplifies the timeless beauty of topaz. This handmade ring places a blue topaz in an elegant band with an engraved floral design.

London blue topaz is the deepest shade of blue topaz and has a rich, steely tone that gives a number of Apples of Gold’s rings a seriously sophisticated look. The Emerald-Cut London Blue Topaz and Diamond Ring is truly stunning. Its 4.70 carat emerald-cut London blue topaz is surrounded by over 1/3 carat of diamonds. This exquisite style is available in 14k white gold, 14k yellow gold, 18k gold and platinum by request. The London Blue Topaz Solitaire Ring (pictured above/left) is another stunning showcase of London blue available in 6mm, 7mm, and 8mm size gemstones.Pink Topaz Jewelry

In addition to blue topaz, pink topaz and white topaz are commonly found in jewelry. The bright color of pink topaz is eye-catching and feminine, giving vibrant sensibility to a number of Apples of Gold’s gemstone rings:

White topaz engagement ringWhite topaz is desirable for many because of its resemblance to a diamond (and its comparatively lower price), but it’s a gorgeous stone in its own right. Several brilliant examples from Apples of Gold’s collection include:

Whether you choose a shade of blue, pink or white, topaz rings offer sophisticated, vibrant style. The eye-catching colors of topaz set the tone for jewelry that’s full of life.

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