Synthetic Diamond Engagement Rings 

synthetic diamond engagement ringsEngagement rings that feature diamond look-alikes are practical yet beautiful options, especially in this difficult economic climate. Synthetic diamond engagement rings, such as Apples of Gold’s Cubic Zirconia Engagement Rings run the gamut from cheap to truly chic, but high-quality diamond-alternative rings featuring cubic zirconia provide gorgeous style, sometimes for as little as a dime on a dollar when compared to diamond rings.

Unlike many rings with diamond alternatives, Apples of Gold’s synthetic diamond engagement rings receive the same VIP treatment as their high-end diamond rings. They hand-set their cz rings in the same top quality 14k white gold and yellow gold settings that they use for diamond engagement rings. Each one is produced with individual care—not mass-produced by machines.

In many cases, cubic zirconia is indistinguishable from a diamond. Apples of Gold uses the highest quality diamond alternatives to give their synthetic diamond engagement rings a dazzling appeal that’s a very small step away from a diamond.

Cubic zirconia is also a durable stone. While nothing is harder than a diamond, cubic zirconia is up there on the hardness scale. Like a diamond, it can last for the long haul.

Art Deco CZ RingThe affordable price tag of cubic zirconia makes it possible for many men to pop the question with a more sizeable stone and several styles of solitaires beautifully demonstrate this principle. The Apples of Gold’s Diamond Solitaire CZ Ring features a round 1-carat cubic zirconia in a classic white gold setting and is made to resemble a traditional design. While a similar 1-carat diamond ring would set you back several thousand dollars, this style costs just a few hundred. If you prefer a square-shaped stone, the Cathedral-Style Princess Cut CZ Ring in 14k white gold is another stunning choice. Its simple, sleek style sets it apart from many other diamond alternative rings.

Cubic zirconia is also at home in designer styles of synthetic diamond engagement rings that feature the same exclusive designs as Apples of Gold’s diamond designer engagement rings. For example, the “Floret” Design Three Stone Princess Cut CZ Ring (shown above) in 14k white gold is engraved with a unique flower and petal design and features three princess-cut diamonds hugged by six smaller round stones. Like several other diamond-alternative rings in Apples of Gold’s collection, this vintage-style piece is inspired by the Victorian Era.

For men seeking to pop the question without breaking the bank, synthetic diamond engagement rings are an excellent alternative. These diamond alternatives are created with the same commitment to quality as real diamond rings, and are a beautiful and budget-friendly way to propose.

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