Best Wedding Bands of 2011 

best wedding bands 2011

The best wedding bands of 2011 offered unique expressions of love and commitment. Updated twists on time-honored styles dominated the year’s top picks, from added touches of symbolism to the use of unique metals to Victorian-inspired styles.

Extra doses of meaning made several of the best wedding bands of 2011 solid picks. While all wedding rings represent the promises you make to your spouse and to God, styles like these went the extra mile to communicate lasting love and unity:

Some of the best wedding bands of 2011 were inspired by the designs of years gone by. The elegance and femininity of the Victorian era was seen in styles such as:

  • The Paisley White Gold Wedding Band Ring places an intricately engraved paisley design over a brushed center. High polished edges beautifully set off this detailed motif.
  • The individual care that’s used to craft the Handmade Paisley Floral Wedding Band is evident.  A delicate flower and paisley design is hand carved into this delicate yet stunning white gold ring.  Its grace and beauty make it a true standout.

best wedding bands of 2011

While white gold wedding bands remained the most popular metal choice for wedding bands, several of the best wedding bands of 2011 combined this metal with other colors of gold or were crafted from less traditional metals. Several of last year’s most popular picks included titanium wedding bands, a metal that’s incredibly strong while also being quite lightweight and significantly more affordable than white gold. Their sleek modern stood out from the crowd, with designs including:

  • The Titanium Hammered Wedding Band gives a pounded look to a classic wedding band. This sought-after style is available in a polished, satin or matte finish.
  • The Blue Titanium Celtic Wedding Band Ring is draped with a seamless Celtic knot design. This band, with its symbol of eternity, was a top pick for couples looking to express unbroken, endless love.

The best wedding bands of 2011 offered a little something different, in the meaningful message they communicate, in the metals used to craft them and in the time periods that inspired them. Like the couples who said “I do” last year, these styles are truly unique, and each tells its own love story.

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