Unique Sterling Silver Jewelry 

unique sterling silver jewelrySterling silver jewelry is a favorite of many, not only for its affordability, but also for the wide variety of styles available. It comes in many forms, including bracelets, beads, earrings, pendants and rings, and each piece of unique sterling silver jewelry is designed to express the one-of-a-kind personality of the wearer.

All of Apples of Gold’s sterling silver jewelry is finely crafted from .925 sterling silver, the highest quality silver that is used in jewelry. This durable alloy adds a small amount of another metal or metals such copper to give added strength to pure silver, which is too soft to be used for jewelry.

Sterling silver bracelets and beads are a fun and increasingly popular type of unique sterling silver jewelry, allowing you to build your own collection that expresses your personality. From a dangling giraffe to an engraved leaf to a cupcake shape, there are beads for every style and occasion. Silver cuffs and bangles also add a sophisticated pop of personality. For example, the 15 Band Sterling Silver Cuff Bracelet gives the look of over a dozen bangles in one classy, effortless piece.

Pendants are also a widely worn type of unique sterling silver jewelry, and Apples of Gold offers them in a variety of styles, including:

Some unique sterling silver jewelry is set apart by the unique gemstones used in these pieces. Apples of Gold’s collection of silver gemstone rings include a number of unusual gems, including rose kunzite and blue topaz, in addition to more traditional gems such as sapphire and garnet. Many of these rings also feature unique settings and the Enchanted White Topaz Bridal Set is a perfect example. This set pairs Victorian-inspired engraved motifs with an eye-catching gem.

What could be more unique than pieces that are personalized just for you? The Sterling Silver Oval Family Tree Pendant is a stylish way to keep those you love close to your heart. It’s easily personalized with up to four names and corresponding birthstones. Apples of Gold also sells a number of pieces that feature the initials of your choice. Each is hand stamped by an artist in Hawaii, making them true originals.

There’s a piece (or several pieces!) of unique sterling silver jewelry for every style. These creatively-designed pieces allow your personality to shine.

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