Contemporary Wedding Bands 

contemporary wedding bandsContemporary wedding bands offer unique twists to the styles that have long symbolized love and commitment. Their modern looks communicate a fresh take on a timeless message.

The Artisan Contours Wedding Band in 14 white gold (shown below/right ) is a perfect example of this up-to-date design, with a contemporary geometric motif carved into a traditional white gold band. Diamond-like designs are bordered by concentric circles in a style that’s both dramatic and sophisticated.

Extra touches of symbolism are a common feature in contemporary wedding bands. For example, the Two-Halves One Flesh Wedding Band Ring (shown above/left) gracefully symbolizes the unity that is formed when two people are joined in marriage: “Therefore a man shall leave his father and mother and be joined to his wife, and they shall become one flesh.” (Genesis 2:24) Both white and yellow gold form one band, the seam between the two metals curving in unison.

The Etched Celtic Wedding Band in 14k white gold is just one of Apples of Gold’s many contemporary wedding bands that feature Celtic knots—motifs that have been adopted by many as symbols of eternity. A continuous loop of these knots is wrapped around this brushed band with polished edges.

While white gold wedding bands are still extremely popular, many less traditional metals are making their mark on the fingers of today’s bride and groom. Apple of Gold’s Cobalt Maltese Black Diamond Cross Ring features a relative newcomer to the world of wedding bands. The cobalt this ring is crafted from is exceptionally durable with a brilliant luster. Six Maltese crosses are carved into this band, each set with a round ideal-cut black diamond, giving a modern look to time-honored symbols of faith and love.

contemporary wedding bandApples of Gold’s Titanium Hammered Wedding Band Ring showcases not only a modern choice in metals, but also a popular stylistic choice: a hammered finish. Titanium rings such as this one are extremely strong and surprisingly lightweight.

The 14K White and Rose Gold Hammered Wedding Band Ring also utilizes the pounded look that’s popular in contemporary wedding bands. A brushed rose gold finish is hugged by polished white gold borders. This combination of metals is seen in several rings, including the 14K White Gold & Rose Gold Wedding Band. This ring looks like a fairly standard brushed white gold wedding band from the outside, but it holds a secret that represents the life you share only with the person you love: a rose gold inner surface.

While the love and commitment communicated by all wedding rings is timeless, these styles keep pace with the times to become relevant symbols of the promises you make at the altar. Contemporary wedding bands may be influenced by trends, but their meaning and beauty will never fade.

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