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Modern Wedding Rings

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Gone are the days in which the style of your wedding band is a given. In recent years, a wide variety of innovative designs have appeared in jewelry of all kinds, and modern wedding bands are becoming the rings of choice for many couples. Read more.

What defines modern wedding bands? First, these rings offer unique variations on the traditional symbol of unbroken love. The modern art period (generally accepted as the 1880s to the late 1960s) was defined by a wide variety of stylistic movements from post-impressionism (and artists such as Vincent Van Gogh) and Cubism (and the works of Pablo Picasso) to the Surrealism of Salvador Dali and the Pop Art of Andy Warhol. Dozens of movements are considered part of the modern art period, making it a time characterized by innovation and seeking out new forms of expression. Modern wedding bands harness this spirit of innovation.

The term “modern” is also used to denote anything that’s contemporary or current. Modern wedding bands are not only inventive, but also influenced by the trends of the moment. Apples of Gold carries a wide selection of wedding rings that embody both innovation and contemporary style:

• The Apples of Gold Two Halves One Flesh Wedding Band Ring is a unique picture of the joining of two lives into one, as described in Genesis 2:24: “a man shall leave his father and mother and be joined to his wife, and they shall become one flesh.” (NKJV) Both white and yellow gold combine in this modern interpretation of an ancient principle that has been the basis for marriages for millennia.
• The Artisan Contours Wedding Band in 14k white gold features a bold carved design of diamond-like shapes, bordered by concentric circles. It’s elegant yet daring, perfect for the woman who wants a ring with a sophisticated, daring feel.
• Apples of Gold’s 14K White Gold & Rose Gold Wedding Band is subtly sleek with a brushed finish. When on your finger it looks like a simple white gold band, but rose gold inside symbolizes the love that only the two of you share.
• The 14K White Gold Square Wedding Band gives a new shape to the ring that has long symbolized eternity and commitment. This brushed-finish band squares off a classic style and gives it an eye-catching edge.
• 14K White Gold Design Wedding Band Ring is a true original. Polished edges border a brushed center that resembles bricks on a pathway. Just like you and your spouse are on a lifelong journey, this design encircles your finger with unbroken style that will last.

Modern wedding bands offer fresh ways to represent the promises you make at the altar. Their innovative and contemporary styles give today’s couples unique ways to demonstrate their love.

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