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Engraved Wedding Rings

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When you say “I do” you make a promise that can’t just be wiped away. Engraved wedding bands, with their designs etched into metal, are a fitting and stylish picture of the permanent nature of true love. When jewelry is engraved, the engraving becomes of part of it—the design doesn’t just sit on the surface, and it can’t be washed away. In the same way, when you get married, your promise becomes a part of you; engraved wedding bands serve as reminders of your undying commitment to love your spouse. Read more.

Whether your tastes cause you to gravitate toward modern, innovative designs or toward the classics, Apples of Gold’s collection of engraved wedding bands is likely to include a ring that will draw you in. Swirling paisley designs give many engraved wedding bands a sense of movement. These sophisticated yet slightly playful motifs give a burst of life to several popular rings.

Leaves and other motifs inspired by nature are also popular in engraved wedding bands. Designs with hearts and swirls give a distinctly feminine feel to several styles, while serving as reminders that your heart has promised to love another person for life.

For a more subtle look, check out rings with just a touch of engraving. For example, engraved edges hug a smooth center in several styles, adding a unique twist to classic bands.

A number of styles combine two finishes to create eye-catching contrast. Brushed surfaces pair perfectly with polished areas, resulting in unique and appealing combinations.

Many rings in Apples of Gold’s collection of engraved wedding bands include elements that give even more meaning to rings that are already rich with significance. Styles that feature crosses serve not only as reminders of your unending commitment to love, but also as symbols of your faith. Or, consider a ring with a verse of Scripture engraved on the outside as well as on the inside.

Engraved Celtic designs feature the much-loved knots that have been used for over a thousand years. Many have adopted these designs as symbols of eternity as they have no beginning or end, and when these knots are etched into wedding rings, they infuse these rings with extra shots of significance.

When you want to demonstrate that your love will remain no matter what, one of Apples of Gold’s engraved wedding bands can help you say it with style. These etched symbols of your commitment show that your love cannot be erased.

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