Jerusalem Cross Wedding Band, 14K White Gold

Jerusalem Cross Wedding Band, 14K White Gold

Jerusalem Cross Wedding Band

Jerusalem Christian Cross Wedding Band


Item #: CWB-19
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made in the USA

The Jerusalem cross represents a blending of the Crusader's Cross with the Greek or Tau Cross. It also represents the Knights and Dames of the Holy Sepulcha of Jerusalem.

The Jerusalem Cross was first used as a coat of arms for the Latin Kingdom in Jerusalem. During the Crusades, it came to symbolize the "Crusader's Cross".

The four small crosses in the design represent the Four Gospels proclaimed to the four corners of the Earth, which began in Jerusalem. The larger cross symbolizes the Person of Jesus Christ.

The Tau cross represents the last letter of the Hebrew Alphabet, with its version transcribed in Greek as a "T".

14K Solid White Gold.

Comfort fit.

Available in 8mm, 9mm, and 10mm widths.

Also available in yellow gold, rose gold, and platinum, shown below, as well as 18k gold.

This unique Celtic ring is made using Diamond Engraving methodology, the best known method for fine-line detailing on metal surfaces, such as gold, for long lasting and durable engraving and designs!

We guarantee our Jerusalem Cross Wedding Band, 14K White Gold to be high quality, authentic jewelry, as described above.
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