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Have you been keeping your eyes open for wedding rings with a unique touch? Apples of Gold’s carved wedding bands are worth more than just a passing glance! When a message is carved, it’s impossible to erase. That’s what makes carved wedding bands the perfect symbol of the lasting commitment of marriage. Read more.

When you hear the word “carved,” images of masculine, chiseled designs may come to mind. However, while Apples of Gold certainly carries styles of carved wedding bands that fit this description, they also offer a wide selection of more feminine carved looks. For example, a variety of graceful paisley motifs infuse a number of styles with curves that gently draw the eye and subtly command attention. While these rings don’t scream for the spotlight, they gradually command it with their sophisticated charm.

Designs inspired by nature are popular in carved wedding rings. From delicate floral looks to bold leaf and vine motifs, these styles have a timeless quality as they emulate the natural beauty of creation. Just as the beauty of a flower will never go out of fashion, these rings will keep their appeal as the years pass.

In addition to the more traditional white gold and yellow gold, be sure to check out carved wedding bands in metals such as titanium, silver and rose gold. This selection of metals offers a look—and a price tag—for every taste. However, don’t feel like you need to stick with just one metal: a selection of two-tone carved styles allows you to sport the combination that suits you perfectly.

All of these styles are created with a commitment to quality and to giving you the very best. Many of Apples of Gold’s carved wedding bands are carved by hand, and the individual care that’s devoted to each of these pieces is more than evident. From intricate designs to simple but striking pieces with impeccable style, these rings are made to last—just like your love.

There’s no such thing as a “typical” carved wedding band! Apples of Gold offers a wide selection of styles, from delicate designs to bold chiseled looks, allowing nearly any couple to sport carved expressions of their love and commitment.

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