Unique Wedding Bands for Men 

unique wedding bands for menWhile any wedding ring can communicate commitment between a husband and wife, unique wedding bands for men can demonstrate that commitment in a way that holds special meaning or reflects your personality. From Celtic to cobalt, there’s an out-of-the-ordinary band for any style.

Several of Apples of Gold’s unique wedding bands for men feature Celtic knots, which have long been adopted as symbols of eternity, such as their line of Celtic wedding bands. Their seamless designs communicate unbroken love in a variety of styles. For example, the Bowen Celtic Wedding Band features a multi-dimensional knot motif that sets it apart from most other Celtic designs. Other styles such as the Caer Celtic Knot Wedding Band and the Caedmon Celtic Wedding Band incorporate designs that are over a millennia old, making them modern expressions of unending love.

Personalized engraving is another common feature of unique wedding bands for men. Like several of Apples of Gold’s wedding rings, the Song of Solomon Cross Wedding Band can be engraved with a Bible verse from our list, such as favorites from I Corinthians 13 (the “love chapter”), or one of your personal favorites.

paisley engraved wedding bandA number of Apples of Gold’s unique wedding bands for men stand out because of their exceptional craftsmanship. The Paisley Engraved Wedding Band is a stunning example. Its fluid design is created with individual care, making it a standout piece of heirloom quality. The Paisley Design Wedding Band, available in gold or platinum, is hand carved, showcasing extraordinary workmanship and attention to detail.

Combining metals in distinctive two-tone and tri-color designs results in a number of unique wedding bands for men. The 14K Tri-Color Gold Braided Wedding Band weaves together white, yellow and rose gold, and the Braided Wedding Band Ring in 14K two-tone gold places a braided white gold rope design over a yellow gold band.

Unique wedding bands for menNon-traditional metals set apart several of Apples of Gold’s wedding bands. Titanium is lightweight, yet it’s one of the strongest metals. Though it’s used in aircraft, it’s also an extremely durable material for unique wedding bands for men. As a bonus, it’s also significantly less expensive than gold. The Titanium Infinity Symbol Wedding Band Ring showcases the long-lasting strength of this metal. Cobalt is also exceptionally strong and can be polished to an extraordinary shine, as demonstrated in several styles of Cobalt Wedding Bands. Like Titanium, it also offers a significant financials savings over gold.

Whether you want your ring to stand out because of its time-honored design, symbolism, craftsmanship or composition, Apples of Gold’s collection of unique wedding bands for men has a ring for you. These styles allow you to express your love and commitment in a way that’s distinctively yours.

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