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CZ Engagement Rings

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About Our Cubic Zirconia Engagement Rings

There is no better feeling than finding that special someone and picking out the perfect ring to seal the deal. Cubic Zirconia engagement rings are a wonderful diamond-alternative, when 'popping the question'. Finding an engagement ring is a big decision ... Read more.

A lot of time and money go into picking out that special ring, and in a challenging economy, it isn't always the right time for guys to put down the cash for an extravagant, expensive ring. Apples of Gold’s wide variety of Cubic Zirconia engagement rings are an ideal solution—you don't have to wait to pop the question! What makes these engagement rings stand out is the gorgeous bands. There are a variety of 14k white and yellow gold bands, as well as two-tone bands featuring a mix of yellow and white gold. Some of the bands include more of an ornate design while others have that timeless and classic look of the simple white gold band.

Many engagement ring shoppers may not realize that cubic zirconia has continued to be the most economical competitor for diamonds. Cubic zirconia is a very hard material, optically flawless and most of the time colorless. However, cubic zirconia stones can be made in a wide variety of different colors.

Now, no waiting is necessary to ask that special question! Apples of Gold offers an extensive variety of CZ cuts and styles, as well as a wide selection of attractive bands to pair with this sparkly stone.

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