What is Argentium Silver? 

argentium silverArgentium silver is a type of sterling silver jewelry with a distinct physical makeup and, as a result, it possesses a number of qualities that set it apart. Pure silver is too soft for jewelry and, like traditional .925 sterling silver, argentium silver is an alloy containing 92.5% silver, which makes it more practical for use in rings and other adornments. Traditional sterling silver contains copper, but argentium replaces some of that copper with a substance called germanium. This difference in composition gives argentum silver several unique and beneficial attributes that make it well-suited for jewelry:

  • Resistance to tarnish: Unlike traditional sterling silver, argentium silver is highly resistant to tarnish. The copper in traditional sterling silver gives this metal added strength, but it also causes it to tarnish easily and rapidly. However, the germanium in argentium silver forms a clear oxide, which prevents oxygen from penetrating the surface. This almost completely prevents tarnishing. This allows jewelry made from argentium silver to retain its luster for much longer than traditional sterling silver with very minimal maintenance.
  • Low maintenance: Because of its resistance to tarnish, argentium silver is quite easy to care for. It can be cleaned with lukewarm water and polished with a cloth.
  • Bright, brilliant color: Argentium silver is whiter and brighter than traditional sterling silver, white gold or platinum.
  • Durable: Argentium silver is both harder and stronger than traditional sterling silver, making it more resistant to scratches and better able to hold its shape.

argentium silver wedding bandSeveral wedding rings in Apples of Gold’s collection are crafted from argentium silver, including:

  • Apples of Gold’s Silver Floral Vine Wedding Band features a hand-carved overlapping leaf design, giving the center band a wreath-like look. The motif is subtle and beautiful, and perfectly accents argentium silver’s long-lasting shine.
  • The Silver Celtic Heart Knot Wedding Band is another example of argentium silver. This ring combines a Celtic knot, which has been adopted by many as a symbol of eternity, with a classic symbol of love. This seamless motif is draped gracefully around the band.
  • The Silver Cross Brushed Wedding Band is a modern twist on a classic, engraving symbols of faith into a symbol of commitment. Its multiple crosses stand out against its brushed finish.

The durability and enduring shine of argentium silver make it an ideal medium for jewelry that’s meant to last. Silver wedding bands made of this metal will continue to shine anniversary after anniversary.

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