Diamond Eternity Bands to Celebrate Staying in Love 

When you see an old couple walking hand in hand or snuggling side by side it’s hard not to feel a sense of admiration or at least grin at how cute they are. Love that lasts for a lifetime is a true treasure that’s worth celebrating and diamond eternity bands do just that.

“To death do us part” is a big commitment, one that requires the ability to endure trials and to love one another even when it’s far from easy. However, the blessing of being able to walk through life with someone who’s a part of you is more than worth the cost.

Diamonds are the perfect choice for expressing a message of lasting love. Diamonds are the hardest and strongest of all gemstones, giving them a resilience that can’t be matched; like relationships that endure, they’re nearly impossible to break.

In addition, the colorless sparkle of a diamond makes it one of the most versatile stones. It’s able to complement any surroundings without missing a beat as it effortlessly reflects the colors around it. As the ultimate adaptable gem, it’s a fitting picture of the way lasting love can remain as the seasons of life go by. Changing circumstances and aging faces don’t interfere with this sort of love, and diamond rings are a celebration of steadfast commitment and affection.

1.33 Carat Diamond Wedding Band in 14K White GoldAs is the case with wedding rings, the circular shape of an eternity band is a symbol of unbroken love without end. When this simple but powerful symbol is encrusted with diamonds its meaning is magnified, resulting in pieces that are both stunning and laden with significance.

Couples who stay in love for life understand that the important of always cherishing their relationship even when they hit bumps in the road. Diamond eternity bands that sparkle from every side celebrate the fact that your love is a treasure no matter how you look at it. For example, the 1.33 Carat Diamond Wedding Band in 14K White Gold is covered in a whopping 62 round, channel-set diamonds on both the outer surface and the sides, displaying dazzling beauty from all visible angles. Smooth, shining white gold edges are the perfect finishing touch.

0.40 Carat Diamond Wedding Band in 14K Yellow GoldThe 0.40 Carat Diamond Wedding Band in 14K Yellow Gold is classic but never ordinary. Surrounding this ring are 16 round channel-set diamonds, set in timeless, gleaming yellow gold. When viewed from the side, a simple repeating geometric pattern is revealed, adding to this piece’s time-honored sense of elegance.

If you’d rather an eternity band that offers a fresh take on a classic look, consider the 1/3 Carat Diamond Eternity Band in 14K Rose Gold. In this unique ring, diamonds are grouped by the threes and surrounding by connecting ovals of warm rose gold.

Lasting love takes work, but it’s worth it to become one of those couples that inspires others to commit to each other for the long haul. Diamond eternity bands celebrate the treasure of not only falling in love, but staying that way.

1/3 Carat Diamond Eternity Band in 14K Rose Gold

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