Black Diamond Rings: Beyond a Basic 

November 9, 2012 | By More

1 Carat Black Diamond Solitaire RingMany women rely on a little black dress for formal occasions, and the majority of closets contain at least one pair of black pants and a black T-shirt or two. Just as black is the most basic of basics when it comes to clothing, jewelry such as black diamond rings that features this darkest of hues is incredibly stunning and always flattering.

Naturally-occurring black diamonds are both a rarity and a mystery. While scientists know that black diamonds have a different carbon isotope than traditional white diamonds, they’re not sure exactly how they’re formed.

Although black diamonds that are found in nature are quite expensive due to their scarcity, black diamonds that take on their color through heat or irradiation are relatively affordable, making this intriguing stone accessible as an accessory for any occasion. These black diamonds—the ones that are featured in all of Apples of Gold’s black diamond rings—aren’t manufactured stones, however; they’re naturally-occurring white diamonds that are given a dark costume change.Black and White Diamond Flower Ring in 10K  White Gold

Black is often praised for its ability to coordinate with anything, and these aren’t just empty words. Like traditional white diamond rings, rings that feature black diamonds work with nearly any outfit, whether you’re wearing bright hues or pastels, paisley or plaid.

For the ultimate in versatility, consider a timeless style, such as a three-stone ring or a solitaire, that been given an unexpected twist with black diamonds. For example, the design of Apples of Gold’s 1 Carat Black Diamond Solitaire Ring is a true classic, but a dark round stone adds a sense of alluring sophistication.

Diamond rings that combine black and white diamonds blend tradition with a modern pop of mystery in styles ranging from delicate to daring. 1 Carat Black Diamond Ring with White Diamond Side StonesFour black diamonds create the petals of a flower in the Black and White Diamond Flower Ring in 10K White Gold, while white diamonds form graceful leaf-like accents. This playful ring is graceful but not too serious. Or, for a big dose of class, take a look at the 1 Carat Black Diamond Ring with White Diamond Side Stones. A round black diamond is chicly framed by an octagon, adding a touch of structure, while 10 channel-set diamonds adorn the band.

In addition to their talents as everyday fashion statements, black diamond rings can serve as unique engagement rings, especially for brides-to-be who are fans of jewelry with a head-turning touch. Black diamonds are especially intriguing in vintage-style engagement rings, as they add a bold pop to feminine designs. The Antique-Style Black Diamond Bridal Set features a round 0.35 carat black diamond in a delicate setting laden with swirls and cutouts, while a matching wedding band curves alongside.

BAntique-Style Black Diamond Bridal Setlack diamond rings may be basic, but these bold, sophisticated styles are so much more than ordinary. Unlike white diamonds, black diamonds absorb light rather than reflect it, and while their polished surface shines, their dark color draws light in. However, this deep hue also draws the eye in, making black diamond rings hard to ignore.

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