Diamond Engagement Ring TLC: When to Take it Off 

1.00 Carat Diamond Wedding Ring SetCaring for your engagement ring sometimes means taking it off. As much as you may hate to let your left ring finger go bare, remember that it would pain you even more if your ring was lost or damaged. Whether you’re sporting a simple three-stone ring or an elaborate antique style, there are a number of times when you should leave your ring behind:

When you’re cleaning. Household cleansers and other chemicals can harm your ring, and it’s important to be conscious of the times that you come in contact with these products so that you can avoid doing harm to the piece that’s taken up residence on your left hand. For small jobs, simply use your right hand. If you’re going to be cleaning for a while, wear gloves or stash your ring until you’re done.

When applying lotion or sunscreen. While these creamy beauty products may not harm your diamond ring, they can build up in crevices and create a film that causes it to lose its luster. Consider sliding off your ring the next time you moisturize.

When you’re doing heavy lifting. Whether you’re hitting the gym or helping a friend move across town, heavy lifting has the potential to bend engagement rings and wedding bands, as well as scratch them or even knock out a stone. Consider leaving your Paisley Design 1/2 Carat Diamond Ring, 14K Goldring at home or, at the very least, wearing gloves.

When you’re cooking with your hands. In the same way that lotion can form a film on your ring, food particles can also cause your ring to lose its shine, especially if you’re wearing a detailed design such as the Paisley Design 1/2 Carat Diamond Ring in 14K Gold. Take off your engagement ring the next time you mix up a meatloaf or shape cookie dough.

When you’re gardening. It’s no surprise that digging in the dirt can soil your ring, and a knock on a stone can cause your diamond to come lose. While gloves will help keep your ring clean, shed your ring if you’re doing anything more than light weeding.  

When you’re swimming. Taking a dip with your ring on might seem harmless, but it poses two potential dangers. First, if you’re swimming in cold water, decreased circulation in your hand may cause your ring to become loose and fall off. While you may be able to retrieve it, why take the risk? Secondly, the chemicals in many pools can cause many wedding rings to become discolored.

1 Carat Three Stone Diamond Ring, 14K Rose GoldHaving a safe place to store your ring when you take it off seems like a no-brainer, but it only takes placing your ring in a precarious position (like on the edge of the sink) once to do some serious damage. Consider designating a specific, secure place in your bedroom (or your kitchen if you often take it off while cooking), so that you always know where to find it.

Although you may not want to go without your ring for a single second, remember that by taking your ring off at the right times, you can help to ensure that you’ll be able to wear it for years to come.


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