Christian Engagement and Wedding Ring Bridal Sets 

holy spirit dove diamond bridal ring setIn a Christian marriage, love between two people is made possible by the love that comes from God. By His grace, a husband and wife are enabled to care for one another, each placing the other above his or herself. Christian engagement rings are graceful and stylish reminders of the constant presence of the Holy Spirit to help us love one another as Christ loved us.

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Christian engagement and wedding rings that are part of bridal sets often place a symbol of faith such as a dove over both rings, allowing that symbol to unite both rings into one beautiful look. Not only does this create a gorgeous jewelry combination, but it also serves as a picture of the way that a shared faith unifies two people so that they truly become one. When both a husband and wife are seeking to love and serve the Lord, they are able to move through life in harmony as they as are drawn continually closer to their Creator and to each other. Christian bridal ring sets are a celebration of this harmony.

christian dove bridal wedding ring setApples of Gold’s Christian Dove Bridal Wedding Ring Set in 14K Yellow Gold places a glowing silhouette of a dove front and center, allowing it to easily remind the wearer that the Holy Spirit is always present. Jesus told His disciples that the Holy Spirit is our helper, and this set will serve as a reminder that the Holy Spirit will provide the strength we need to love one another more than we love ourselves. The beauty of this shining yellow gold symbol is in its simplicity and in its ability to convey a powerful message.

The Christian Dove Diamond Bridal Wedding Ring Set in 14K White Gold adds a graceful dose of symbolism to a traditional solitaire and a perfectly coordinating wedding band. An open-cut silhouette of a dove is accented by a dazzling round ¼ carat diamond, creating a combo that’s light in looks but heavy in symbolism. Crafted from shining 14K white gold, this ring is modern and elegant as well as meaningful.

Christian dove diamond bridal wedding ring setThe life that the Holy Spirit brings is gracefully depicted in the Holy Spirit Dove Diamond Bridal Ring Set in 14K White Gold. The wings of the dove in this gleaming 14K white gold pair seem to open up like the petals of a flower to reveal a 0.40 carat round diamond, a sizeable stone that adds an extra shade of significance. The enduring nature of a diamond makes it the perfect way to represent both the constant presence of the Holy Spirit and the love you share that will last for a lifetime. A matching white gold band joins with the engagement ring in perfect harmony.

holy spirit dove diamond engagement ring set rose goldIf you’re on a tight budget but would like a Christian engagement ring that reflects your faith and that gives off a warm glow, don’t miss the Holy Spirit Dove Diamond Engagement Ring Set in 14K Rose Gold. The slightly out-of-the-ordinary look of rose gold is a lovely representation of the affection you share, and five diamonds accent the dove on the engagement ring, providing sparkle and drawing the eye to this set’s graceful symbol. The matching wedding band adds substance and blends seamlessly with the engagement ring for a look that radiates a message of faith.

All of these sets combine Christian engagement rings and matching Christian wedding bands to create looks that are even greater than the sum of their two beautiful parts. Celebrate God’s gift of life together and the ability to love forever with one of these elegant pairs.

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