Gemstone Engagement Rings, from Amethyst to Emerald to Tanzanite 

sapphire engagement wedding ring bridal setAlthough diamonds are the most common stones to come to mind when it comes to engagement rings, they’re far from your only option. The unique properties present in each stone in’s rainbow of gemstone engagement rings allow you to make a unique statement about your relationship. Here’s a guide to aspects that define each of these gemstones, from amethyst to white topaz.

Amethyst Engagement Rings

amethyst and diamond engagement ringAn amethyst engagement ring is a stunning way to communicate that you want the woman you love to be your princess for as long as you live. The color purple has long been associated with royalty, and has been found in royal collections from ancient Egypt to modern-day England, such as in the British crown jewels. Rulers, including the 18th Century Russian empress Catherine the Great, have been big fans of the brilliant violet amethyst, but despite its regal appeal, it’s one of the more affordable stones. As a semi-precious gem, amethyst packs a lot vibrant color for your dollar, allowing you to make a bold statement, even on a budget. Amethyst engagement rings are also thoughtful choices for anyone with a February birthday, as amethyst serves as the birthstone for that month.

princess cut aquamarine diamond engagement ringAquamarine Engagement Rings

When you want to show that your special someone has undeniably stolen your heart, consider saying it with an aquamarine engagement ring, featuring the soft yet vibrant March birthstone. The ancient philosopher Pliny described the aquamarine as having “charms not to be denied,” and the irrefutable allure of this stone makes it a perfect way to communicate a love that has completely won you over.

The name “aquamarine” originates from two Latin words—one meaning “water” and the other meaning “the sea”—and the allure of the ocean is seen in the slightly greenish blue sparkle of this gem. The cool beauty of aquamarine communicates a love that’s as refreshing as a dip in the clearest sea on a hot day.

Citrine Engagement Rings
Citrine engagement rings are ideal for expressing a love that makes every aspect of your life brighter. Like the one you love, their sunny vibe can make the clouds break, even on the rainiest of days. They also symbolize a love that’s able to stand up to a few knocks, since they feature a stone that’s durable and resistant to scratching.

The warm yellow hue of citrine comes from trace amounts of iron, and it’s a color that refuses to be a wallflower. Its bright vibrant look is full of life and light, making it an ideal birthstone for the month of November, when the world turns grey for the winter. This member of the quartz family is found relatively often in nature, making it affordable and allowing jewelry makers to choose only specimens with very few flaws. Its daring look speaks of a love that’s bold but just perfect for you.

emerald engagement ring white goldEmerald Engagement Rings

The rich, verdant green of an emerald instantly brings to mind the lushest forest after a spring rain. Thus, it’s no surprise that this stone serves as the birthstone for the month of May. The emerald’s striking color, a result of traces of chromium, is symbol of life and growth, allowing it to add an extra touch of meaning to engagement rings in a range of styles. Emerald engagement rings communicate a relationship that’s vibrant and growing—one that makes both parties better and in which each person nourishes the other.

The emerald is the best-known and most precious of all gemstones in the beryl family—the same family as aquamarine. It’s one of the four classic precious gemstones, and women have (including Cleopatra) have loved it for thousands of years. Its beauty is truly timeless—perfect for expressing a life-filled love that will never fade.

Garnet Engagement Rings

garnet and diamond engagement ringThe saturated crimson of garnet takes the classic color of love and gives it a look that seems to capture a love that reaches the very depths of your soul and fills you with passion. As the birthstone for January, this semi-precious gemstone adds welcome warmth at significantly lower price than another commonly used red gemstone, the ruby; however, it’s not simply a stand-in for a precious stone. The garnet adds rich, saturated color to engagement rings of many kinds, from Victorian styles to modern looks.

Peridot Engagement Rings

Few gemstones express a love that fills you with life and light better than the peridot. This semi-precious stone exhibits a vibrant light green with just a touch of gold, and is unique in that it appears to be the same color even in the dim light of the evening. Peridot is a variety of the mineral olivine and has been prized for over 3,500 years, when the ancient Egyptians valued it as a stone of beauty. This stone captures the verdant, sun-drenched hues of summer, making it the ideal gem to serve as the August birthstone, as well as to symbolize a relationship that’s growing and that sets you aglow.

ruby and diamond three stone engagement ringRuby Engagement Rings

Some ancient civilizations thought that the ruby’s unmatchable hue was caused by an inner inextinguishable fire, and when you see this stunning stone it’s not hard to understand why it was believed the ruby was filled with flame: its eye-grabbing red color dances as if it has been lit from within. Thus, ruby engagement rings are the perfect way to tell the world about the love that has set your heat ablaze.

The ruby is also the birthstone for the month of July, embodying the warmth and brightness of the hottest days of summer. It’s one of the four classic precious gemstones, giving it a timeless beauty and allure, and since it’s one of the more durable gemstones, engagement rings that feature the ruby not only burn brightly today, but will continue to turn heads in testament of your love for decades to come.

Sapphire Engagement Rings

sapphire engagement ring white goldSkies full of stars often bring to mind evenings filled with romance, and the rich, sparkling blue of a sapphire perfectly captures the beauty of the night sky. Its dazzlingly rich hue expresses a love that’s true with just a hint of mystery. The look of a sapphire has timeless appeal combining rich color with a hint of intrigue.

In ancient times, many believed that the earth rested on a giant sapphire, accounting for the brilliant blue of the sky. Long ago, the sapphire was given as a pledge of loyalty and trust, and this symbolism rings true today, making it a fitting choice for engagement rings. From Helen of Troy, who was said to have worn a large sapphire, to Princess Diana to the present-day Duchess of Cambridge, women of beauty and influence have donned this gem, and many cultures have embraced it as an object of beauty. The sapphire is one of the four classic precious gemstones and is in the same family as the ruby. As such, it’s very resistant to wear, ranking just below the diamond in hardness. Sapphire engagement rings are the perfect symbol of love that is strong and that never loses its allure.

Tanzanite Engagement Rings

tanzanite and diamond engagement ringIf you’d like to demonstrate that the one you love is a once-in-a-lifetime treasure, consider a tanzanite engagement ring. Tanzanite has a sense of exclusivity as it’s been found only in one small area (only about five square miles) near the base of Mt. Kilamanjaro. Unknown just 50 years ago, the unique look of tanzanite has been quickly catching eyes and winning many admirers. It possess a stunning cornflower-like blue with just a hint of violet that’s unlike that of any other gem, and its beauty has led to its current status as the alternative birthstone for the month of December. The vibrant hue of tanzanite makes it ideal for expressing a love that’s unlike any other.

White Topaz Engagement Rings

White topaz is commonly hailed as a stand-in for a diamond, and with its colorless glimmer, many mistake it for the traditional engagement ring stone at first glance. While white topaz engagement rings may come with the look of diamond rings, they accompanied by much lower price tags, making them ideal for couples on a budget. Even a large white topaz solitaire is relatively inexpensive, allowing you to choose a lavish-looking style with spending a lavish amount.

white topaz engagement ringDespite the fact that white topaz is frequently compared to a diamond, it’s a beautiful stone in its own right. It’s possible that the name “topaz” comes from an ancient Sanskrit word meaning “fire,” an apt description of the way this gemstone causes light to dance. It easily adapts to any style, while providing a little something different. White topaz engagement rings stray just a little from tradition without veering too far away, making them a fitting way to express a love that’s unique but can adapt to any situation.

There are many ways to choose which gemstone you’d like to be featured on an engagement ring. Color, price, a gem’s status as a birthstone, durability and simple preference all come into play, and each can help you pick a gemstone engagement ring that expresses your unique love.

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