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Engagement Rings Tanzanite

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Tanzanite is a relative newcomer to the jewelry industry, but its stunning, vibrant color is making it a new favorite in short order. This gemstone was discovered in 1967 near the base of Mt. Kilimanjaro in Tanzania and named after its place of origin. Its gorgeous, unmatched color is showcased in unique twists to a time honored piece: tanzanite engagement rings.

Tanzanite is found only in this one location—an area about five miles square— giving it an exclusivity that can’t be claimed by most other gemstones. The rarity of this stone makes it a unique symbol of something rare and special: the relationship you share with the one you love. Tanzanite engagement rings are the perfect way to show that your love is irreplaceable, and can be found nowhere else.

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When found in nature, most tanzanite is green or brown, although, on a rare occasion, naturally occurring blue or purple tanzanite crystals are found. The vast majority of tanzanite that’s used in engagement rings and other jewelry has been heat treated to give it a violet or blue hue. Its color has been touted as one that’s universally flattering, as it complements all skin tones with ease.

Tanzanite also holds unique significance for those born in December. In 2002, this stone was added as an alternative birthstone for the month of December by the American Gem Trade Association, making it a thoughtful engagement ring option for those born toward the end of the year, or anyone who loves the exquisite look of tanzanite.

Gemstone rings of all kinds are unique alternatives to traditional diamond engagement rings. Some gems, such as white topaz, are chosen because of their resemblance to the traditional engagement ring stone, but many other gemstones are favored because they stand out in a crowd. From bright green emeralds to show-stopping red rubies, color is key to gemstone engagement rings’ appeal.

Vibrant, saturated color makes tanzanite engagement rings true standouts. Stunning solitaires that feature this unique stone immediately draw the eye, and styles that combine it with diamonds give an exclusive touch to time-honored designs, as well as those with a modern flair. Tanzanite also provides a fresh variation to vintage-inspired rings. Although this gem was yet to be discovered when these styles were first popular, tanzanite gives Victorian-style rings a colorful update that doesn’t miss a beat.

Tanzanite engagement rings are a rare and vibrant alternative to traditional diamond rings. Tanzanite’s beauty and brilliance makes it a show-stopping choice to demonstrate your love.

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