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Moissanite Gemstone Rings

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Moissanite Rings Ľ

They might look like diamond rings at first, but moissanite rings have a unique beauty that allows them to not only stand in for the traditional colorless gemstone, but also to project a beauty all their own. These brilliant gems are newcomers to the jewelry scene, and they have a number of unique properties that make them excellent picks. Read more.

So, what exactly is moissanite? This gemstone is a combination of carbon (the element that comprises a diamond) and silicon, and possesses a sparkle thatís unlike that of any other stone.

Unlike the diamond, which has been used in jewelry for thousands of years, moissanite is a relatively recent addition to the world of jewelry. It was discovered in 1893 as Nobel Prize-winning scientist Dr. Henri Moissan was studying fragments of a meteorite in the Arizona desert. By 1905, this new gem was named moissanite, in honor of the man who discovered it.

However, it wasnít until over a hundred years after its discovery that moissanite began to show up in jewelry. The natural supply of moissanite was incredibly small, but in the late 1980s, scientists discovered how to produce large moissanite crystals, making it possible for this gem to become part of the jewelry scene. By the late 1990s, moissanite rings were a beautiful and affordable option for anyone looking for a piece with unique sparkle.

Moissanite rings showcase the high refractive index of the gems they hold. This refers to these stonesí ability to emit flashes of light, and some even claim that these gems are more brilliant than the diamond. Moissanite is also regarded for its luster, the amount of light that it reflects.

While no stone is harder than a diamond, moissanite is an incredibly durable choice. It can withstand incredibly high temperatures, is highly resistant to scratching and retains its sparkle for the long term.

Due to its ability to imitate the brilliance and beauty of a diamond, moissanite is a lovely alternative to a diamond and rings that feature it can serve as unique and gorgeous engagement rings. Itís significantly more brilliant and more durable than cubic zirconia, another common diamond alternative, while still offering significant financial savings when compared to a diamond.

Whether you chose one for its ability to imitate a diamond or for its own unique beauty, a moissanite ring is a brilliant pick. Try one for a blast of matchless dazzle.

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