Antique-Style Vintage Jewelry from the 1700-1800s

The below rings and jewelry are made from original jewelry making hubs discovered from the early American era. See the full story behind our antique-style jewelry below!

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1800s Replica Vintage Jewelry

American Antique-Style Vintage Rings from the 1700-1800s

The story behind Apples of Gold's vintage & antique style rings are nothing short of remarkable. One day, as one of our jewelry designers was out for a ride, he accidentally discovered several large lots of original jewelry making hubs that were about to be discarded by someone who had no idea what they possessed!

The American jewelry making hubs he discovered was originally used in the late 1700s through the early to mid-1800s by jewelry craftsman of their time to fashion what was then contemporary jewelry pieces for jewelry shoppers of their day. Read more.

Designs include bridal, wedding, & engagement rings from the era as well as fashionable right-hand rings, from the dainty to the bold and chunky, from floral and filigree patterns to hearts and unique styles.

The rings pictured here are not simple conceptually-driven designs, but exact replicas made using these original ring hubs, which we now utilize to create new jewelry, which is sold on Apples of Gold.

Most "vintage" or "antique-style" jewelry in production today is merely based on conceptual images and designs of the time, whereas the rings and jewelry from Apples of Gold are crafted using the actual, original 1700s & 1800s American post-revolutionary era.

That is what makes our vintage & antique-style rings and jewelry so unique and such a cherished and historic part of any jewelry collection.

Apples of Gold's antique-style and filigree vintage rings are, in the words of our designer, a "Uniquely American art form".

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