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Engagement Rings Moissanite

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Moissanite engagement rings are brilliant picks, whether you’re looking for an affordable alternative to a diamond ring or a way to pop the question that’s just a little out of the ordinary. These pieces showcase a colorless stone that with a sparkle like no other, putting a subtle twist on classic styles and giving fresh brilliance to vintage looks. Read more.

Moissanite is a combination of silicon and carbon, the same element from which a diamond was formed. It was unknown until 1893 when Nobel Prize-winning scientist Dr. Henri Moissan discovered it while studying fragments of a meteor in the Arizona desert. Within a little over a decade, this mineral was named “moissanite” in honor of the man who discovered it. However, it would be approximately a century before moissanite would enter the realm of jewelry.

Since the natural supply of moissanite was minute, it didn’t catch on as a gemstone until after scientists discovered how to produce large moissanite crystals in the late 1980s. By the late 1990s, moissanite rings were a reality, enabling modern guys to pop the question in style without draining their bank accounts.

Moissanite is still the new kid on the block in the jewelry world, but it possesses a number of unique properties that are helping it make a name for itself. For example, this gem has an incredibly high refractive index, which means that it has an extraordinary ability to emit flashes of light. This brilliance is complemented by a high luster, meaning that moissanite is able to reflect a great deal of light. Moissanite is also quite durable. It’s nearly as hard as a diamond, resistant to scratching and able to withstand very high temperatures, making it a remarkably resilient gemstone and a fitting symbol of the strength of your live.

Despite their extraordinary brilliance, moissanite engagement rings are remarkably affordable, and are available at just a fraction of the cost of their diamond counterparts. They’re excellent choices when you’re short on cash but don’t want to sacrifice beauty. For instance, a moissanite solitaire engagement ring provides the simple but breathtaking beauty for which this single-stone style is known and makes its accessible for hundreds of dollars rather than thousands.

Of course, you can chose moissanite purely for its unique characteristics and striking beauty. Moissanite engagement rings provide stunning brilliance, a high luster and great durability, making them winning picks regardless of why you choose them.

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