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Emerald Gemstone Engagement Rings

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Emerald Engagement Rings: Luxurious Quality of a Green Gemstone »

The emerald stone is a member of the beryl family, which is naturally a colorless stone. But minerals in the environment such as chromium and vanadium cause the beryl to take on a deep green shade. Inclusions, or tiny cracks, in the surface of the emerald hold color and deepen the tone of the gem. These little cracks, which would be regarded as flaws in a colorless diamond, are actually a benefit to the emerald and add to its lustrous green appeal. Read more.

These days people are ‘going green’—and that doesn’t only mean adopting an earth-friendly lifestyle. The color green has enchanted men and women alike for centuries. For those who love the relaxing, luxurious quality of a green gemstone, emerald engagement rings are a perfect choice.

Many brides and grooms-to-be will also appreciate the biblical significance of emerald engagement rings. The emerald was one of the stones used to represent the twelve tribes of Israel and was mounted on the breastplate of judgement in the book of Exodus. Emeralds adorned the garments of the temple priests and they are prophesied to decorate the walls of the New Jerusalem as well. The book of Ezekiel also references the beauty of this stunning green gemstone.

In addition to its beauty, couples also love this stone for its affordability. Priced far below diamonds, the emerald allows for a larger, more dramatic stone at a price that is reasonable. With its reputation for bringing well being and lasting love, emerald seems the ideal stone for wedding jewelry. In ancient Rome, it was the stone associated with Hera, the goddess of beauty and love.

Emerald engagement rings cover a range of styles to suit the tastes of a bride. For ladies who love a traditional, antique look, Apples of Gold offers several vintage style settings to show off the deep green stone. The Emerald and Diamond Flower Twist Ring appeals to more ornate and decorated tastes, while the Emerald Solitaire fits the minimalist to a tee. Customize your ring by choosing the size of your emerald and the metal of your choice for the band.

Is there any stone as beautiful and enchanting as the emerald? Or any gem more fit for the hand of a bride? Emerald engagement rings are a wonder of creation, a stone of significance, not to mention a unique and stunning piece to win the heart of your beloved.

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