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amethyst and diamond ring white gold
What happens when you combine the beauty of a richly hued gemstone with the timeless sparkle of a diamond in one dazzling ring? You get a piece that provides the ultimate in both sparkle and color, and Apples of Gold offers a rainbow of diamond and gemstone ring options for every taste.

Each gem in’s collection of gemstone and diamond rings has its own personality and is complemented by a diamond in a unique way, and you’re sure to find at least one pairing that that’s a good fit for you. Here’s the lowdown on what makes each combination stand out:

Amethyst and Diamond Rings
aquamarine and diamond ring white goldPurple is considered to be the color of royalty, and for thousands of years, the violet-hued amethyst has been a loved for its regal good looks. Many ancient civilizations have prized this gem, from the Romans to the Egyptians, and royalty has worn it throughout history. When this richly-hued semi-precious stone is combined with the ultimate sparkle of diamonds in Apples of Gold’s collection of stunning gemstone and diamond rings, looks are created that are truly fit for a queen. Whether you choose a style that accents a sizeable amethyst with numerous diamonds or one that takes a more subtle approach, such as a classic three-stone ring, you can be sure that you’ll end up with a ring that will bring a touch of royalty to your jewelry collection. And, since Amethyst is the birthstone for February, amethyst and diamond rings are gorgeous ways to celebrate any February birthday, or simply to add a rich burst of color and sparkle any time of year.

Aquamarine and Diamond Rings
Take one look at aquamarine and it’s easy to see how it got its name: two Latin words meaning “water” and “the sea” combine to form the moniker of this lively gem. Its vibrant light blue color is truly like the purest ocean waters, drawing in the eye with a look that captures the soothing yet refreshing allure of the sea. As the March birthstone, it’s like a wearable slice of spring break at the beach. When aquamarine is accented by diamonds, it’s easy to imagine a clear blue pool, shimmering with the glitter of sunlight reflecting off of the water.

Blue Topaz and Diamond Rings

london blue topaz and diamond ringBlue might not be the first color to come to mind when you think of topaz, but blue varieties of topaz are particularly gorgeous and eye-catching. Although pure topaz is pale, gray or has no color at all, vibrant hues, such as rich, bright indigos are created by impurities within the stone or by a heat and irradiation process. Blue topaz has a saturated look, free of gray undertones, and comes in a range of shades, including the deep hue of London blue topaz. These vibrant colors provide a bold, sophisticated contrast with diamonds in Apples of Gold’s collection of blue topaz and diamond rings, allowing you to make a statement that’s unquestionably chic.

Citrine and Diamond Rings

citrine and diamond ringThe brilliance of the sun is perfectly pictured in citrine and diamond rings. The golden glimmer of citrine, caused by traces of iron, is perfectly set off by the colorless sparkle of a diamond, creating looks that cause light to dance and brings to mind the balmiest rays of sunshine. As the November birthstone, citrine is a wonderful gem for fall, but its warm beauty captures and releases an intense glimmer that’s welcome in any season. And, as a type of quartz, it’s resistant to scratching, making it a good partner for the notoriously hard diamond. Although rings that feature citrine and diamonds aren’t timid, thanks to the combination of bright color and intense sparkle, they’re wearable by any woman and adaptable to a variety of occasions.

Emerald and Diamond Rings

The emerald is both one of the four classic precious stones and the birthstone for the month of May. This rich green gem, a durable member of the beryl family, is a fitting choice for the month when the earth is green and growing once again, and it’s been sought after since ancient times as an object of rare beauty. Even Cleopatra is said to have loved the emerald! Apples of Gold’s collection of emerald and diamond rings showcases the contrast between saturated green and sparkling white, a pairing that’s a true classic.

Garnet and Diamond Rings

garnet and diamond ringFew gemstone combinations provide the dramatic contrast that’s created in garnet and diamond rings. The deep red hue of garnet adds a bold counterpoint to the colorless, timeless diamond. Garnet is also the birthstone for the month of January, though its rich appearance makes a statement year round. Whether you choose a daring and sophisticated style that accents a sizeable garnet with rows of diamonds or a more subdued design, you can be sure that you’ll make an impression with this color combination.

Peridot and Diamond Rings

Peridot, the August birthstone, is a variety of the mineral olivine, and the name of this mineral provides a clue to its appearance. This gem exhibits a unique green hue with just a touch of gold that has a unique ability to retain its color, even under dim lights. When peridot is paired with diamonds, a vibrant summery look results, bringing to mind sunlight reflecting off of a lush blade of grass. Peridot and diamond rings provide a lively look that’s sure to brighten even the dreariest day.

Ruby and Diamond Rings

ruby and diamond three stone ringWe sometimes use the word “ruby” to describe a red that’s rich, deep and eye-catching, and once you see a ruby in person it’s easy to understand why this gem’s name has become synonymous with a saturated crimson hue. The alluring appearance of the ruby, one of the four classic precious gemstones, has been sought after for thousands of years and it creates timeless. Most of the tanzanite that’s used in jewelry is heat treated to create this same matchless hue: a cornflower-like indigo with a touch of violet. The allure of this gem is offset beautifully by the diamond, creating rings that capture the eye and the imagination.

Tanzanite and Diamond Rings

The combination of tanzanite and diamonds creates a look that’s cool, glamorous and truly intriguing. The unique beauty of tanzanite is hard to resist, both for its one-of-a-kind color (a soft, cornflower-like blue with a hint of violet) and its exclusivity: this gem is found in just one small area in Tanzania, making it a mysteriously gorgeous treasure. When this stunning stone is paired with diamonds, rings result that are sure to capture both curiosity and complements.

From amethyst to tanzanite, each of these gemstone and diamond combinations is beautiful in its own unique way. Let this guide lead you to your perfect pairing.

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