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Silver Gemstone Rings: Making Gemstone Jewelry Affordable

aquamarine vintage floral ring sterling silverThink you can’t afford real gemstone jewelry? Don’t make any assumptions until you check out’s collection of sterling silver gemstone rings! These pieces provide an array of colors and styles at prices that just might allow you to try more than one.

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However, while these rings may save you money, they’re far from “cheap”. Each one is carefully crafted from .925 sterling silver, the highest quality of silver available for jewelry. These rings don’t skimp in the looks department, either, offering top-notch designs ranging from feminine Victorian styles to bold statement pieces to graceful designs inspired by nature.

vintage kunzite ring sterling silverApples of Gold’s collection of silver gemstone rings features many of the same designs featured in their white gold styles, including a number of much-loved vintage looks with time-honored appeal. For example, the Vintage Rose Kunzite Ring in .925 Sterling Silver showcases a look from a century ago that’s just as stunning today as it was generations ago. A sizeable purplish-pink stone glistens serenely from an intricate engraved band, calling to mind a simpler time when fine craftsmanship was held in high regard.

The Citrine and White Topaz Heart Ring ( is a unique way to say “I love you.” A 5mm round garnet offers rich radiance in a unique setting that accents this gem with two three-dimensional hearts. Two white topaz stones add a complimentary finishing touch.

wrap around floral garnet ringThe Wrap Around Floral Garnet Ring in Sterling Silver is sure to generate conversation. Its one-of-a-kind leaf design surrounds your finger with a look that’s both organic and polished. Six marquis garnets of varying sizes adorn each leaf with rich radiance.

If effortless natural beauty describes your personal taste, take a look at the Blue Topaz Wave Ring in Sterling Silver. Two pear-shaped blue topaz stones are hugged by the graceful “S” curve of a pounded sterling silver band. Every time you slip on this ring, you’ll almost feel a gentle ocean spray.

A number of Apples of Gold’s sterling silver rings feature unique gemstones that add surprising color and an original twist to your jewelry collection. Fans of jewelry that clearly bears the mark of a craftsman will flock to the Simplify Handcrafted Green Amethyst Sterling Silver Ring. A stone you don’t see every day—a cool, green amethyst—provides a soft refreshing vibe to this simple but stunning design. A hammered band and bezel surround this sizeable rectangular semi-precious gemstone, creating a look that’s gently strong but never brash.

amethyst solitaire ring sterling silverThe Amethyst Solitaire Ring in Sterling Silver proves that a single stone looks simply stunning set on sterling silver. Available in your choice of stone sizes, this ring will never fall out of style. And, since it’s created with Apples of Gold’s commitment to quality, you’ll be able to wear it for years to come.

The affordability of sterling silver gives you the freedom to experiment with less traditional styles (or ones that you might not normally wear) without a large financial commitment. Whether you’d like to try a look with a funky handcrafted vibe or style that seems straight out of the pages of a fantasy novel, there’s a silver gemstone ring for you. For example, the Mythical Peridot Ring in .925 Sterling Silver offers legend-worthy style with a little bit of an edge as a 6mm round peridot is clutched by a claw-like setting formed of filigree. This ring captures the imagination and adds a fanciful touch to any jewelry collection.

For amazing style and vibrant color on a budget, you can’t beat Apples of Gold’s selection of silver gemstone rings! Chose one (or a few!) to express your sense of style or to try something new.

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