Red, White, and Blue Gemstone Rings 

heart garnet diamond ring goldWhile patriotic looks never go out of style, they’re especially fitting for the 4th of July. Gemstone rings in red, white, and blue are excellent accents to all of your patriotic looks, celebrating the blessings of living in freedom.

Red is known as the color of love—why not express your love for your country with a gemstone ring in this warm hue? The Heart Shaped Garnet and Diamond Ring allows you to clearly declare how you feel about your country: a heart-shaped garnet is uniquely set in 14K yellow gold and accented by five smaller diamonds.

The 14K Gold Ruby and Diamond Stackable Channel Ring is reminiscent of the stripes of the American flag, making it a fitting way to pay tribute to Old Glory. Available in your choice of 14k yellow or white gold, this classy piece alternates four rubies with three diamonds to create a look that adds just the right pop of color. Wear it alone or pair it with a similar style that features sapphire for the look that says U.S.A. all the way.

vintage fleur de lis white topaz ringDiamonds are the stones that most often come to mind when thinking of white gemstone rings, but white topaz options can also provide dazzling, colorless style. For example, the Vintage Fleur-de-Lis White Topaz Ring places a shimmering white topaz in the center of a centuries-old emblem that has been used to represent strength and life. Crafted from .925 sterling silver, it’s a beautiful and affordable option for Independence Day or any time.
Want to show that you’re proud to be a true-blue American? Apples of Gold offers many blue gemstone options that will help you make your statement in style, from the cool, vibrant hue of blue topaz to the deep, strong shade of sapphire.

The rich, bright color of blue topaz makes it an ideal way to celebrate the bright future you’ve been given by living in a nation that’s free. Declare your patriotism vintage style with the Vintage Floral Blue Topaz Ring in 14K White Gold ( This Victorian-inspired ring harkens back to a time when the simple things of life—the things that made our country great—were held in high regard.

5 carat london blue topaz and diamond ringIf you’re not shy about making a statement, consider one of Apple of Gold’s gemstone rings that feature London blue topaz—the deepest shade of blue topaz. The 5.20 Carat Emerald-Cut London Blue Topaz and Diamond Ring makes a bold impression with its sizeable stone, accented by two baguette-cut diamonds.

Fans of the dark, silky shade of sapphire have plenty of styles to choose from. The Bezel Set Benchmark Sapphire Band creates an understated, elegant look with eight evenly-placed stones, set in 14K white gold. Or for a slightly bolder, more geometric look, take a look at the Trillion-cut Sapphire and Diamond Ring, which accents a 0.75 carat sapphire with four diamonds in a slightly asymmetrical, eye-catching setting.

Rings that combine blue diamonds with white diamonds provide particularly dazzling ways to celebrate your independence. A 0.60 carat round blue diamond is the focal point of the 0.93 Carat Blue and White Diamond Swirl Ring, providing the sparkle that can only come from a diamond with a vibrant hue. Over 30 white diamonds swirl around this ring, surrounding it like a sparkler with dances of light. Or, if you’d prefer to wear the uniquely-colored glimmer of blue diamonds on their own, consider the classically-styled Three Stone Blue Diamond Ring.

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