What is London Blue Topaz Jewelry? 

london blue topaz jewelry ringWhat is London blue topaz jewelry? It’s a one-of-a-kind gemstone that is bluer than a sapphire, easier on your wallet and captures the eye like few others can.

In its natural state, topaz is clear, gray or pale, but it takes on a variety of colors due to impurities or as it’s subjected to treatment processes. Blue topaz jewelry, which comes in a variety of shades, is usually created though exposure to heat or irradiation. London blue topaz jewelry, which displays the deepest shade of blue of any topaz, is no exception.

If you’re asking “What is London blue topaz?” and wondering what sets it apart from other blue topaz, knowing what makes its color stand out provides a large part of the answer. The deep, rich hue of this stone draws eyes in, calling to mind the clearest Caribbean ocean or an early evening sky. While a sapphire may sometime look gray, London blue topaz is a deep, vibrant indigo that never looks washed out or toned down (related: London Blue Topaz Rings)

When considering “What is London blue topaz?” be sure to take notice of its price tag. This gem packs a lot of beauty and glamour at a relatively low cost, allowing you to purchase a show-stopping stone without draining your bank account.  For example, the 5.20 Carat Emerald-Cut London Blue Topaz and Diamond Ring (shown above/left) boldly showcases a sizeable emerald-cut London blue topaz, flanked by baguette 0.22 carat diamonds.

London blue topaz gives a vibrant shot of life to vintage designs. The Victorian Etched London Blue Topaz Ring features a style from a century ago, but the inclusion of London blue topaz gives it a refreshing and vibrant touch of the present.

london blue topaz ringWhen asking “What is London blue topaz?” it’s also important to consider that this gemstone can serve as both a fashion statement and a symbol of love. London blue topaz rings can serve as unique engagement rings, demonstrating that your love is far more than ordinary. Apples of Gold’s London Blue Topaz Gemstone Solitaire Ring in 14k white gold (shown below/right) gives a cool, vibrant twist to a traditional engagement ring style. However, blue topaz rings of any kind can represent how you feel about that special someone.

The answer to “What is London blue topaz?” is simple when you catch a glimpse of this mesmerizing gem. Rings that feature London blue topaz turn heads and melt hearts with a rich color that makes it hard to look away.

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