Vintage-Inspired Engagement Rings 

vintage inspired engagement ringsVintage-inspired engagement rings prove that a style doesn’t have to be new to be perfect for the present. Their designs have stood the test of time, making them a fitting way to show that your love will remain as the years and decades pass.

Apples of Gold’s collection of vintage engagement rings are crafted using actual molds procured from the time periods they call to mind. These rings showcase authentic, time-honored style that has proven it can stand for the long haul.

Many of Apples of Gold’s vintage inspired engagement rings feature the designs of the Victorian Era. While they bring to mind a simpler time, their detailed, graceful designs are still knockouts today.

A prime example of this knockout style is the 3/4 Carat Three Stone Princess Cut “Floret” Diamond Ring (shown above/left). Three dazzling princess-cut diamonds are hugged by six smaller round stones, all set in a band that emulates elegance. A flower and petal motif on the sides and outer surfaces of the band resembles the patterns of over a century ago, but still looks completely fresh.

If you’d like all of your wedding rings to have an old-fashioned feel, consider one of Apples of Gold’s vintage inspired engagement rings that come as diamond bridal sets. For example, the Antique-Style 1/3 Carat Diamond Wedding Ring Set  (shown below/right) features a delicate yet strong cutout and engraved design that sets it apart. The intricate motif of the engagement ring swirls around a 0.35 carat round diamond for a look that’s feminine and eye-catching. A thin matching wedding band curves gracefully around the diamond, adding the perfect finishing touch.

antique style diamond wedding ring setIf the designs of the 1920s resonate with you more than those of a decade or two prior, consider one of Apples of Gold’s Art Deco rings, inspired by the shapes and lines of the 1920s. The Art Deco 1/4 Carat Diamond Ring in 14k two-tone gold is a particularly exquisite example. A yellow gold stylized lotus flower unfurls to reveal a ¼ carat diamond, and white gold band with a swirling floral motif provides the perfect contrast of colors and textures.

Apples of Gold’s vintage inspired engagement rings are not only gorgeous pieces of the past—they’re also the heirlooms of tomorrow. Each one is crafted with the utmost care and is made to last for years and years to come. They’re poised to be passed on to future generations as treasured symbols of love.

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