.925 Sterling Silver Wedding Bands 

sterling silver wedding bandDoes style top your list of requirements for a wedding ring? What about affordability? If either of these qualities is important to you, sterling silver wedding bands are a great fit. (See also: Sterling Silver Wedding Rings).

Apples of Gold’s collection of sterling silver wedding bands is finely crafted from .925 sterling silver, which is the highest quality silver that can be used for jewelry. Pure silver is too soft to be practical for jewelry, but when 92.5 percent silver (the source of the name “.925”) is combined with others metals, such as zinc, it become a strong and beautiful alloy that is ideal for wedding rings.

Sterling silver wedding bands are a budget-friendly option that provides a look very similar to that of white gold, but at a price that’s often just a third or even less than the price of white gold rings. This ability to imitate a traditional wedding jewelry metal makes sterling silver an excellent choice for both budget- and style-conscious couples.

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silver cross wedding band ringSterling silver is also long-lasting, and is an ideal medium to express a love that has staying power. And, since Apples of Gold’s collection of sterling silver wedding bands is crafted with the highest commitment to quality, you can be sure that these rings will still be going strong a generation or two down the road.

A number of the styles seen in Apples of Gold’s selection of sterling silver wedding bands are the same styles that are used in their white gold wedding rings. For example, Celtic knots wrap around several rings, adding seamless style, as well as an extra touch of significance—just as these motifs have no end, the promises that you make at the altar will never expire. Paisley designs are also popular, as their curling beauty adds a lively and sophisticated touch to several styles.

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vintage silver wedding band ringIf you’re looking for a ring that’s both affordable and resistant to tarnish, consider a band crafted from argentium silver. This special type of .925 sterling silver, which includes a substance called germanium, is highly resistant to tarnish, as well as brighter and more scratch-resistant than traditional sterling silver. Or, if bands with added glimmer are more your speed, be sure to check out styles studded with diamonds or other gems such as blue topaz or turquoise.

Sterling silver wedding bands provide both styles and prices that are sure to please. These rings embody the best of both worlds: affordability and good looks.

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