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blue titanium celtic wedding band ringWhen it comes to wedding bands, gold gets a lot of attention. Even special postal stamps show two gold rings neatly packaged with a pretty string. But gold is not always the best metal for every couple. While gold wedding bands and white gold wedding bands have their merits as a precious metal, there are other alternative metals that bring some very desirable and important features to the table, like titanium. This naturally occurring metal is among the strongest metals and even has the highest strength-to-weight ratio. Used in the aircraft industry, titanium has been proven to show peak performance in an important way. Now, titanium is gaining ground in the jewelry industry, too. Unique titanium wedding bands are getting their day in the sun because of the outstanding qualities titanium has to offer, along with unparalleled style.

Online jewelry retailer, applesofgold.com, brings couples unique titanium wedding bands that are stylish, affordable, and practical—perfect for today’s modern couple. Titanium’s rich grey color looks great on brides and grooms alike, and the metal is hypoallergenic, ensuring those with sensitive skin don’t get irritated by their own wedding band. Titanium is also a great choice for wedding bands because it does not tarnish. Unlike gold, titanium will retain is rich color without ever having to be refinished—making caring for the ring easy, too.

hammered titanium wedding band ringCouples will find exquisite rings at Apples of Gold, like the Blue Titanium Celtic Wedding Band. This beautiful piece marries the excellent grey color of titanium with a bright blue Celtic design. The center pattern of interlocking loops and knots weaves continuously over the band for a gorgeous display in blue. This blue accent color comes from a special process of anodizing the ring to reveal different colors. This ring is offered in customizable widths from 6mm to 10mm, so couples can get a matching set with their perfect width.

Another of the unique titanium wedding bands from Apples of Gold is the Titanium Hammered Wedding Band Ring. This piece offers a hammered style finish on the band, which shows off a surface of interesting character—perfect for stylish couple. This wedding band is offered in matte, polished, or satin finish to help brides and grooms customize their look. Couples can also choose their width, from 4.5mm to 10mm, making this hammered finish wedding ring a diverse option. Couples can honor their commitment to love with this excellently design hammered wedding band.

Continuing the trend of unique titanium wedding bands, Apples of Gold brings the Titanium Celtic Wedding Band to its collection. This ring features a Celtic knot that symbolizes eternity with a beautifully engraved design over the center of the band. The Celtic heritage is given a fresh update with this precise motif. Adding to the appeal is the comfort fit on the inner band which allows brides and grooms to wear the ring all day, every day without a hint of discomfort.

titanium celtic wedding band ringThe beauty of these unique titanium wedding bands is in their design, but it’s also in their price. With prices well below gold wedding bands, titanium is a highly affordable option for the brides and grooms on a particular budget. Buying titanium wedding bands allows them to save cash for other purchases. And, applesofgold.com has an average of pricing 40 percent below standard jewelry retail stores, making it the most affordable option for couples today. Along with this excellent pricing, Apples of Gold has an excellent selection. These rings were just a few of the titanium wedding bands they have to offer. Distinct in quality and design, Apples of Gold has the best unique titanium wedding bands at the best prices.

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