Titanium Wedding Bands Pros and Cons 

titanium hammered wedding bandWedding rings are a precious symbol for brides and grooms. Throughout the years, couples have cherished their wedding bands as a beautiful reminder of their marriage and wedding day. In the past, most wedding rings were made of gold for their precious value, but recently, couples are turning to alternative metals for a more practical approach to jewelry. One alternative metal that’s becoming increasingly popular for wedding bands is titanium. Let’s look at titanium wedding bands pros & cons, since any couple considering the metal for their rings should explore them.

The metal has many unique properties that make it desirable for a wedding ring, because the band needs to last a lifetime. Titanium has incredible strength, especially for its weight. In fact, the metal has the highest strength-to-weight ratio of any known substance, making it the strongest metal for the least amount of heavy bulk. This could be an important factor for active couples or those who want a very light ring that won’t weigh them down. For titanium wedding bands pros & cons, couples should also consider the durability of the metal. Titanium is an extremely durable metal, partly due to strength. Titanium’s durability is also a result of its naturally corrosion-resistant quality. So titanium wedding bands will not interact with body chemistry, like oils, and will not corrode when exposed to certain environments, like salt water. That means any titanium wedding ring will not tarnish, either. Unlike gold, titanium maintains its color, which is a rich, deep grey that looks great on anyone. In addition to titanium’s extreme durability and resistance to corrosion, the metal is also naturally hypoallergenic and bio-compatible. This is important for brides and grooms who may have sensitive skin that reacts with nickel or gold and leaves an irritation. Those with sensitive skin won’t have to worry about their titanium wedding band because the metal won’t leave a mark.blue celtic titanium wedding band ring

Continuing the exploration of titanium wedding bands pros & cons, let’s consider the style and price of the metal. Titanium is becoming more versatile as a metal for wedding rings, with different patterns, designs, and even precious stones included in the rings. Customers won’t have to settle for a just a plain titanium band any more—instead, they can find a titanium wedding band that offers all the style as traditional metals do. In terms of price, titanium is significantly less expensive than gold wedding bands. This allows couples to stretch their budget for other wedding items, which any bride and groom will count as a blessing.

Looking at titanium wedding bands pros & cons, we’ll see that there are some considerations for the ring that need attention. For example, titanium rings cannot be re-sized because of their superior strength. This means couples will have to be very careful about the size they order, because a jeweler cannot stretch and rework the metal, like gold. Also, couples should consider if they have considerable weight and gain or loss as part of their lifestyle, because a titanium wedding ring will maintain its size, but their finger may not. There’s always the option to the wear the ring as a pendant on a necklace, but this may not appeal to everyone. Titanium is also a metal that doesn’t shine as much as gold. Even with a high polish, titanium doesn’t buff out as well as precious metals.

plain titanium wedding band ringThis look at titanium wedding bands pros & cons will help couples decide if this attractive alternative metal is right for their lifestyle, budget, and fashion. The metal is excellent for active couples, but it may not be best for brides and grooms who want the flexibility of resizing rings.

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