Durability of Titanium Wedding Bands 

hammered titanium wedding bandWedding season is marked by warm weather, spring flowers, and sunny days, but whatever season you choose to have your wedding, you want wedding bands that are made to last. Recently, couples are branching out from the traditional gold wedding bands and into the realm of bands made from non-traditional metals. Since gold rings can be pricey and require certain maintenance, non-traditional metals offer distinct advantages. While non-traditional metals are not precious metals, they certainly have many precious qualities. Titanium is one alternative metal that is making big waves in the wedding jewelry department for its highly desirable features. The durability of titanium wedding bands is practically unmatched, so the rings offer a long-lasting look.

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Smokey grey in color, titanium is well known for its use in the aerospace industry, where performance really counts. The lightweight but strong nature of titanium makes it not only perfect for aircraft but also tremendous for wedding rings. The durability of titanium wedding bands is nearly unparalleled. This alternative metal is three times stronger than steel and has the highest strength-to-weight ratio, meaning you get the strongest ring for the least amount of weight and bulk. Precious metals like gold are soft in nature and tend to scratch easily. Titanium, on the other hand, makes use of its strength and resists scratches much better than traditional metals. Although it’s not entirely scratch proof, titanium will certainly stand up better to the test of time when it comes to everyday wear and tear. The high grade of titanium’s strength and low weight make it an excellent choice for wedding rings that need to last a lifetime.blue celtic titanium wedding band

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The durability of titanium wedding bands is also notable because it is a naturally occurring metal. The deep grey color of the metal is alluring and solely a result of the metal’s natural hue. Titanium’s durability is also seen in its corrosion resistant feature. Wedding bands made from titanium will not tarnish, unlike traditional precious metals like gold. This is a wonderful advantage for rings that will be worn day in and day out. Imagine never worrying about tarnishing again! Titanium wedding bands also have another advantage: they are bio-compatible and hypoallergenic. This is a natural feature of titanium. The metal does not react to body chemicals so it will keep your skin free of irritation. Anyone with sensitive skin will particularly benefit from this very appealing feature.

Titanium wedding rings are the perfect fit for a lifetime love with their outstanding durability, superior strength, and unique style. This metal works well for both men and women because it can be crafted for a personal touch. Titanium wedding bands are sure to last and may even become the next family heirloom. Not only is titanium stronger than gold, but it is also significantly less expensive. Brides and grooms on a specific budget will be able to buy a super strong and stylish ring when they look at titanium wedding bands from online jewelry retailer Apples of Gold. With an extensive selection of titanium rings, couples can enjoy all the benefits of the metal with a superbly stylish ring.

plain titanium wedding bandTitanium rings from Apples of Gold are great for any style because they have a versatile selection. Their wedding bands are offered in various finishes like polished, satin, and hammered style. These ultra-durable wedding bands also feature various engravings and patterns to ensure brides and grooms get the custom look they deserve. Apples of Gold offers plain titanium wedding rings that bring clean style. Or customers can choose from their expertly-designed engraved bands that offer various different patterns and motifs. Whatever the couples chooses, they can be sure the durability of titanium wedding bands can’t be beat.

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