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white gold braided wedding bandThe marriage covenant is time-honored tradition that thousands of couples embark on every year. Each union is as unique as the snowflake crystals that fall from the heavens,  and each is individually special. This sanctified connection between husband and wife is a true gift from above, and the Bible beckons brides and grooms to treat it as such in Colossians 3:12-14: “Put on then, as God’s chosen ones, holy and beloved, compassionate hearts, kindness, humility, meekness, and patience, bearing with one another and, if one has a complaint against another, forgiving each other; as the Lord has forgiven you, so you also must forgive. And above all these put on love, which binds everything together in perfect harmony.”

This binding love is traditionally signified in the marriage ceremony by the exchange of wedding rings between the bride and groom. As a never-ending circle, they signify the continual love and devotion a couple promises to hold for one another. Choosing wedding rings is no small matter–it requires careful consideration of a future spouse’s personality and style. Settling for any old ring just won’t do for the most important ceremony in a person’s life, which is why online jewelry retailer Apples of Gold offers only the finest wedding rings in an abundance of styles. A particular part of the Apples of Gold guarantee is to use high quality metals for every wedding ring. Our broad selection includes rings in a variety of metals, including gold, titanium, platinum, silver and cobalt.

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Gold Wedding Bands

gold wedding bandThe most traditional metal used for wedding rings is gold. There are three color varieties of gold that are typically used for wedding rings: yellow gold, white gold, and rose gold. These different colors are created by using certain metals that are mixed together to create the gold alloy. Since pure gold is too soft a metal on its own, alloyed gold is best for creating jewelry. To make yellow gold, the metals of copper, silver and zinc are typically added. For white gold, jewelers use copper, nickel, zinc, silver or palladium to create the clean white color. Rose gold is usually a mixture of gold, copper and sometimes silver. The fineness of gold is another factor to consider when selecting a wedding band. Gold that is 99.9 percent pure is listed as 24 carat gold, meaning all 24 parts of the metal are gold, which is too soft to make jewelry. In wedding rings, the gold used is typically 14 carat (or 14K) gold, meaning 14 parts of the metal are gold, or roughly 59 percent. The remaining percentage consists of the other metals mentioned, like silver or copper. Apples of Gold ensures their wedding rings are made of excellent gold alloys to give you a ring that lasts a lifetime and looks stunning throughout the years.

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Titanium Wedding Bands

titanium hammered wedding bandInvesting in a wedding ring is serious business, but it doesn’t have to be daunting. Apples of Gold gives you options to help select the best band for every customer, and that includes offering metals for individual tastes. Titanium is one metal that’s stood strong and true over the years. This substance is widely known for its specific properties, like having the highest strength-to-weight ratio of any metal. That means titanium brings an ultimate level of strength without all the weight and provides an extremely durable ring. Many people find titanium the perfect metal for wedding rings if they’re not used to wearing jewelry before due to its lightweight qualities. Titanium is also an excellent choice for active couples because the metal does not change when exposed to body oils. The metal won’t tarnish due to this quality, and it is also an entirely hypoallergenic metal. Aesthetically, titanium offers a rich grey color that subtly strong as well as refined. This unique metal makes a perfect fit for a wedding ring that’s worn every day, and has become increasingly popular among brides and grooms for its special qualities of strength and design. Apples of Gold offers a varied selection of titanium wedding rings that include sleek, simple style as well as bold, intricate designs.

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Platinum Wedding Bands

platinum wedding bandsStyle plays a key factor in choosing a wedding ring, and platinum is one metal that keeps rings classy. This highly valued metal is bright white in color and brings a modern touch to wedding rings, similar to white gold. Platinum, like gold, is also an alloy, but it has a much higher purity than gold. About 95 percent pure, platinum is more expensive precious metal and offers distinct value. For example, platinum never loses its bright white color, so it doesn’t require maintenance in that respect. This wedding-worthy metal is also twice as dense as gold, making for a more solid feel on the finger. Platinum also offers excellent scratch resistance, making caring for the ring easier over the long term. While it does cost significantly more than other metals, it also allows for a higher quality piece of jewelry, which is an important factor when buying a ring for the long run. Apples of Gold includes platinum wedding rings in plethora of styles, as well as many rings that can be specially ordered in this very special metal.

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Silver Wedding Bands

silver wedding bandsAnother metal that brings a brilliance and sparkle to any wedding ring is silver. This alluring metal has been popular in jewelry for centuries, and makes an excellent choice for wedding rings. Like gold, sterling silver is an alloy. It has a higher purity percentage, with 92.5 percent of the alloy being pure silver. The other metals used in sterling silver alloys are usually copper or nickel, but silver alloys retain their white color.

The bright color of silver is similar to white gold and platinum, but it considerably more cost effective. This makes silver wedding bands not only a beautiful choice for a bride or groom, but also an affordable one. The economic value of silver isn’t the only benefit–it’s also a truly lovely metal for rings. Sterling silver is easily crafted into various shapes and designs, or can be carved with intricate patterns. This diverse metal is also very durable and would be a great pick for those who work with their hands or lead active lifestyles. Sterling silver is a metal that’s loved for its radiant shine and wonderful price, and Apples of Gold provides every customer with a range of silver wedding rings to suit every personality.

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Cobalt Wedding Bands

cobalt wedding bandWedding bands are the best symbols of eternity, and of course, every bride and groom would like the metal used for their band to reflect that life-long promise. One new metal to take on the wedding market is cobalt. This naturally found element offers many desirable characteristics when it comes to wedding bands. The most obvious feature of cobalt is its luminous white color. This metal is naturally found white, and is compared to platinum in color because of this special quality. A cobalt wedding band never tarnishes or fades–a very appealing feature. The cobalt metal is also found to be very scratch resistant, making it a standout choice for those prone to putting some wear and tear on their jewelry. Another unique trait of cobalt is that is it shatterproof, so the ring is never in danger of permanent damage (cobalt rings can be cut off if necessary). Slight size adjustments are also available in cobalt wedding bands. This metal is also known for its hypoallergenic qualities that don’t irritate skin, and cobalt wedding rings are similar in weight to gold, making them very comfortable to wear. This alternative metal allows for many attractive qualities to be put into one ring. The coveted color of white and exceptional durability of this metal make it perfect for any bride or groom, and Apples of Gold ensures there’s a cobalt wedding band to fit all ranges of fashion.

Bind your love with only the best in jewelry quality and fashion. Apples of Gold ensures each customer has a broad selection of metals, styles and pricing that will make choosing a wedding band an easy and fun adventure. The importance of picking the right wedding ring cannot be overlooked, so turn to Apples of Gold to find the best fit for your bride or groom. Their quality guarantee will keep you confident in your purchase, whether its a traditional gold purchase, a top-quality platinum ring or an alternative cobalt band.

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