Vintage Jewelry and Rings: Antique-Style, Victorian, & Art Deco 

antique-style sapphire wedding ring setThe only fashion to truly stand the test of time is vintage style. The grace and elegance of vintage creations invokes all the right rules of fashion. The timeless appeal of vintage jewelry and vintage rings translates well into every wardrobe, and especially into any personal jewelry collection. Gorgeous detailing and whimsical patterns keep vintage pieces perfectly suited for any occasion. The style experts at online jewelry retailer Apples of Gold have created a wide-ranging selection of vintage-inspired pieces that will bring the confidence of refined fashion into any jewelry collection. From simple and understated to lavish and magnificent, Apples of Gold brings the best of vintage style rings to your fingertips.

Vintage Gemstone Rings

vintage aquamarine gemstone ringsVintage gemstone rings aren’t just family heirlooms that are passed from jewelry box to jewelry box. They’re uniquely designed pieces that can channel the opulence of Victorian luxury or the edgy fashion of the art deco period. These diversely-styled rings harken days gone by with their intricate details, and bring eras of fashion back to life in a beautiful way. Each vintage ring in the Apples of Gold selection is carefully crafted with the best design elements in mind. Their vintage gemstone rings offer particular grandeur with distinctive settings that are home to varied precious and semi-precious stones. The myriad of gemstones available ensures that customers will find just the stone and setting to match their style. Bold colors found in the precious stones of emerald, sapphire and ruby offer a rich display in the vintage setting. Some lighter stones bring sophistication, like the semi-precious gems of peridot, citrine, and tanzanite. The plethora of color options promises to please every fashion, from high style finders to casually-minded customers. Each and every gemstone selected by the Apples of Gold jewelry experts is guaranteed to be high quality, making the shopping experience easy for everyone.

A closer look at just one of the vintage gemstone rings proves that Apples of Gold knows its stones. For example, a deep purple amethyst gem is paired with an edgy art deco design for a stunning combination. The rich, violet hues of the cushion cut gem are royally beautiful, and the chiseled filigree and milgrain styling of the band offer a delicate complement. The vintage design is crowned with small white diamonds to give you a truly regal ring. This fabulous piece of art is just one of the gemstone vintage rings available online.

Vintage Diamond Rings

Apples of Gold also brings the renowned luxury of diamonds to their vintage pieces, creating an enticing combination of vintage diamond rings. Diamonds are certainly the most sought-after stone in the world, and for good reason. Their unparalleled surface strength will never scratch, and their brilliance is incomparable. The sparkle of a diamond can make all the difference in a jewelry collection. The Apples of Gold selection of vintage diamond rings brings every facet of timeless fashion together to create an altogether appealing design. The carefully selected crop of prized diamonds guarantees that every vintage diamond ring is radiant with beauty. Craftsmanship is another important element of the vintage style, as complex details are often found in the settings. The quarter carat vintage floral diamond ring is one example of this complexity. The brilliant white diamond rests in a symmetrically designed open-air-like setting. Parallel lines surround the diamond, and require the finest handiwork. Flowers are carefully wrought into the white gold setting, providing that delicate floral motif to this work. A true vintage beauty, this ring embodies the high quality work found at Apples of Gold.

The Art Deco style also characterizes some of the diamond vintage rings. The geometric shapes and swirling lines are distinct to this style, and Apples of Gold spares no expense to ensure these rings are excellently crafted. One such ring is the paisley design half carat diamond ring. Crafted in white gold, this ring also includes a scintillating white diamond in the center. The band showcases the boldness of art deco design with paisley shapes perfectly swirled over the gold. A look at the side profile proves that every angle is given due attention as the paisley design continues on the sides. These two examples show how Apples of Gold incorporates the luxury of diamonds into their ageless vintage designs.

Vintage Engagement Rings

The appeal of vintage style translates well for a ring that is worn for a lifetime: the engagement ring. This ever-important jewelry purchase is made easy with a browse through the vintage engagement rings from Apples of Gold. A multitude of styles make sure the bride-to-be is always flaunting the ring that best suits her. These extraordinary engagement rings offer options for different types of gold, stones and colors. Each engagement piece is expertly fashioned for a stress-free proposal. The selection of vintage diamond engagement rings is varied, with white diamonds as the most popular stone. Apples of Gold also offers vintage engagement rings with a black diamond for modern twist on the age-old diamond tradition. For departure from the norm, customers can choose an engagement ring that features a gemstone instead of a diamond. White topaz, emerald, or sapphire are just a few of the options for these stylish rings. One thing is for certain–a vintage engagement ring from Apples of Gold will stand out in a crowd. Consider the carved leaf three-quarter carat diamond ring. This ring is offered with four different gold options, or can be specially ordered as a platinum band. Mounted in four solid gold prongs, the gleaming white diamond is then flanked by expertly-carved leaf designs that adorn the band. The side of the band features a swirled pattern that brings whimsy to the ring. This vintage creation is just a sample of the pieces that take the cake when it comes to engagement rings.

Vintage Wedding Bands

vintage paisley wedding bandsApples of Gold hasn’t forgotten about the other “forever” ring, the wedding band. The vintage collection of wedding bands brings equal allure and craftsmanship to the table. These vintage wedding bands continue the tradition of excellence that reigns throughout the vintage rings selection. White gold, yellow gold and rose gold are all precious metals that make up the vintage wedding rings, and they appear in a variety of combinations to suit every personality. These rings are given special attention to help signify the lasting commitment of marriage. Floral and paisley themes are seen throughout the vintage wedding band collection, as well as antiqued engraving. Superior design makes these rings guaranteed to stay in style for a lifetime. For example, the vintage floral wedding band brings a simplistic pattern of flowers and turns it into a gorgeous creation. Finely carved details in the flowers keep this ring high class and evoke the romance of bygone eras. This ring is available in each of the gold types mentioned, giving the customer a superb range of options. The vintage wedding bands bring an array of magnificent jewelry choices for every bride and groom.

Silver Vintage Rings
silver vintage gemstone rings kunziteVintage style often brings to mind the gleaming surface of silver, meticulously wrought into ornate markings. Apples of Gold takes the age of silver splendor and makes it available in perfect jewelry form as a vintage ring. Affordable and fashionable, silver rings bring a brilliant sense of style to jewelry collection on a budget. The diversity in the Apples of Gold vintage silver rings is something to be admired. Their silver rings are enchanting in form and perfect in price, with an array of gemstones to match. Garnet graces several of the silver bands with a classy scarlet hue. Aquamarine brings a beautiful serenity the silver settings. Whichever gem is featured in the band, the silver ensures the stone is kept company with a high quality precious metal. Apples of Gold uses .925 sterling silver in many of its vintage style rings for that premium touch.

Choosing a vintage style that suits your price, style and occasion is easy. Simply browse the selection of enduring designs found at Apples of Gold. A realm of classical beautiful possibilities awaits with their broad selection of vintage styles. From diamonds to sapphires, silver to gold, simple to ornate, Apples of Gold brings quality care and craftsmanship to each of their vintage-inspired creations. Find your very own everlasting work of art in the Apples of Gold vintage ring designs.

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