Wedding Bands: White Gold, Yellow Gold, Two-Tone, & Rose Gold 

paisley wedding band white goldBefore husband and wife can dance to their favorite love song as a married couple, many details and significant planning must come first. All the preparation and production that goes into a wedding ceremony and festivities take time and effort, and usually, a considerable amount of stress. From the ceremony protocol to the food selection to the guest list, the options and decisions can be overwhelming. Brides and grooms alike are pouring into these details in order to make their day together perfect. While many of these details are catered to the taste of the couple and comfort of their guests, one detail is exclusively designed to be just for the bride and groom: their wedding bands. These small but powerful symbols of eternal love can be overlooked in the fray of trying to please guests, but they are perhaps the most important detail of all, because they will be with the bride and groom every day. That’s why online jewelry retailer Apples of Gold takes the utmost care in selecting their wedding rings. Knowing this is perhaps the most important jewelry purchase in a lifetime, they bring the best selection and the highest quality materials to the table, all with the aim of pleasing the bride and groom. Apples of Gold offers varied styles of wedding bands in premium quality gold, such as yellow gold, white gold, rose gold, two-tone and tri-color gold. Their extensive expertise in jewelry and commitment to customer satisfaction makes shopping with them the easiest part of wedding planning.

Gold Wedding Bands

gold paisley wedding bandWedding bands take on great historical significance and used across cultures today to symbolize this special covenant. Wearing a never-ending circular form is a perfect representation of a couple’s pledge to each other in marriage. One traditional gold that has been used throughout the years to form wedding rings is yellow gold. This classically beautiful gold brings a highly-recognized and deeply alluring yellow color to every ring it touches. Yellow gold is actually an alloy of gold mixed with other metals like copper, zinc or silver. This ensures the precious metal is durable enough to craft lasting jewelry. The appeal of yellow gold is that it will always be an extremely valued precious metal, and it will never go out of style. Yellow gold wedding bands bring an air of sophistication and elegance to every wedding ceremony, and are a handsome choice for any couple wishing to seal their vows with an eternally meaningful symbol. From plain and polished to intricate and complex, yellow gold is an excellent option for its malleable properties, which contributes to it being a long-standing choice for wedding bands. Apples of Gold ensures its yellow gold is top quality, and uses 14K yellow gold for most bands. This gives the ring superb durability while still retaining the brilliant golden glow. Wedding bands from Apples of Gold can be customized to fit the style of each couple. For example, customers may choose to have the inner band engraved with their names, wedding dates, or even their entire vow to each other. A 14K yellow gold wedding vow ring ensures a one-of-a-kind keepsake for the couple. The inscription can be chosen from Apples of Gold’s listed vows, or customers can write their own inscription for a truly personal touch. Others may choose yellow gold band with styles like hand-carved designs, floral embellishments, hammered surfaces, and many, many more.

White Gold Wedding Bands

white gold paisley wedding bandIf yellow gold isn’t quite the right fit, couples can turn to the equally stunning selection of white gold bands available from Apples of Gold. White gold offers that lustrous shine and all the strength of a gold alloy, perfect for today’s busy lifestyles. This precious metal is made by mixing gold into an alloy with other metals which give it the white color, like nickel or silver.  Although this gold is different in color, it is just as precious as its traditional counterpart. White gold is an increasingly popular metal to use for wedding bands because of its versatile style. The clean, bright color matches many personalities and can adapt to a very wide range of fashions. Bringing a slightly modern flavor to jewelry, white gold is often compared to platinum in color, but without the expensive price tag. As a result, many brides and grooms are choosing this economical but entirely chic precious metal for their wedding bands. Apples of Gold presents an abundance of designs to choose from. With classically-styled plain bands for the minimalist customers and opulent works of art for the in-vogue crowd, their selection is sure to please every bride and groom. The same high quality guarantee goes into every Apples of Gold white gold wedding band, giving customers only the best for their life-changing ceremony. Paisley motifs or Celtic knots adorn some of the bands, while others feature a concave, edgy style. Whatever the requirement, Apples of Gold has it in their extensive collection of white gold wedding bands.

Rose Gold Wedding Bands

rose gold wedding bandLooking for a wedding ring that will make you blush with pride? Then go for rose gold wedding bands from Apples of Gold. This expertly crafted alloy is gold forged with silver, zinc and copper to bring the rosy glow of morning even on a cloudy day. Rose gold wedding rings offer a beautiful twist on the classic plain band by giving it a signature color. Perfect for men and women alike, these rings make a statement about individual fashion with their fine color. Customers can further personalize their rose gold wedding bands with handwritten engravings on the outer band or special phrases stamped on the inner band. The options abound with Apples of Gold. Those looking for the luxury of a designer touch can browse the selection of styles that offer everything from Claddagh shapes to paisley motifs. There’s even rose gold wedding bands that feature delicate hearts around the band for always loving embrace for her finger (Heart Wedding Band in 14K Rose Gold). Revving up the romance in marriage ceremony is simple with a rose gold wedding band. One look at the rosy ring will keep that loving warmth growing for years to come. Apples of Gold ensures every emblem of marital commitment is given the same quality care, so every rose gold wedding band is guaranteed to shine.

Two-Tone Gold Wedding Bands

two tone gold wedding bandThe union of a couple is an affair to remember, and commemorating such a large life-altering event can leave brides and grooms lost even after the wedding photos are taken. One symbol they can always look to is their wedding rings, and Apples of Gold promises to make that emblem an everlasting one with a premium quality guarantee. The beauty of two lives becoming one is perhaps best symbolized by the forging of two equally precious items. In the case of wedding bands, that means melding two types of gold into one unending ring. This highly symbolic and poetic piece of jewelry is perfect for couples wanting to truly honor their union in their wedding rings. Apples of Gold makes this task easy with a varied selection of two-tone gold wedding rings. These expertly crafted bands bring together yellow gold, white gold, or rose gold into the best combinations of style. Everything from plain bands to Parisian Crosses graces their selection, giving every couple a chance to select what best symbolizes their unity.

Tri-Color Wedding Bands

tri color wedding bandFor couples who can’t just pick one or two colors for their wedding rings, Apples of Gold offers the tri-color gold option. These unique wedding bands allow the intertwining of white gold, yellow gold and rose together for a beautiful combination. The presentation of three golds into one ring hold a figurative meaning, too. The bride and groom leaving their individual lives to start a new life together is the pinnacle symbol of marriage.  Couples can embrace this concept with a tri-color ring. Braided designs are excellent for capturing all three golds in a fashionable way, but Apples of Gold also brings simpler options that still include each color. Whichever tri-color wedding band couples choose, they will be honored to present each other these unrivaled wedding rings as they join in marriage.

Apples of Gold brings only the best precious metals together to make their gold wedding rings. Choosing a band of yellow, white or rose gold, or a combination, is an important choice for couples, but with such an extensive selection at Apples of Gold, there’s the right ring for everyone. With a quality guarantee and unbeatable pricing, Apples of Gold makes shopping stress-free and puts the joy back into wedding preparations.

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