Wedding Band Styles and Designs 

paisley wedding bandModern day wedding planning is often centered around the venue, the food, the guest list and the cost. While all of these items are important to consider, couples should also focus marriage covenant itself. This lasting commitment of love is a time-honored rite of passage that is traditionally signified by the exchange of wedding rings. Couples who are busy with all of the wedding details may not have the time or energy to shop extensively for wedding bands. Online jewelry retailer Apples of Gold has the answer to this stressful situation by providing hundreds of wedding band styles at the fingertips of every bride and groom. There’s no need to run all over town to different jewelry stores because Apples of Gold offers the best in wedding band design and pricing. Their wedding rings come in various precious metals and boast an extensive assortment of styles.

Featured: Paisley Wedding Band 14K White Gold

Plain Wedding Bands

6mm plain wedding bandApples of Gold offers a broad selection of the most traditional wedding ring, the plain gold band. Brides and grooms can find a sophisticated band that suits their individual personalities, or can select a matching set. These plain bands are free of complex designs, but many include specific design elements for just the right amount of style, like a thick border or a single milgrain line in the center. Different finishes also add to the variety like the brush finish or high polish finish. Shape also plays a part in the plain band category. The standard rounded shape is popular, or customers can branch out to a flat-surfaced band or a concave band. The options abound with Apples of Gold for couples to find their perfect plain gold wedding bands.

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Hammered Wedding Bands

hammered wedding bandsSometimes a plain ring just needs a little bit resurfacing to make it fit a slightly different style. That’s where the hammered finish wedding rings come in. Apples of Gold provides a lengthy list of styles that include a hammer finish. This style is designed to have a varied surface texture that makes each ring completely unique. Along with a diverse texture, Apples of Gold ensures their selection of hammered-style wedding rings also has other details to keep things interesting. A milgrain edge or a roped line adorn some rings, adding an extra element of design. Varying gold colors or using platinum or sterling silver also increases the variety of hammered rings. Many of these wedding rings come with a comfort fit option to kept the ring stylish and comfortable. Consider this selection of unique wedding bands for your big day.

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Featured: Hammered Wedding Band 


Personalized Wedding Rings

roman numeral personalized wedding ringA personalized wedding band makes a truly one-of-a-kind gift for the bride and groom. Apples of Gold offers a wide array of bands that bring a special word, phrase, verse or vow to a wedding. Couples can choose to have their wedding date engraved on the outside of the ring in Roman numerals for an elegant touch. Or they can take their personalized feature to the inner band with a handwritten message. The selection of styles in various gold color combinations allows brides and grooms to exchange rings that will always remain a distinct testament to their love.

Featured: Roman Numeral Wedding Band


Braided Wedding Bands

braided wedding bandsBraided bands bring a excellent woven design to a wedding ring. Apples of Gold provides a wonderful collection of braided wedding bands to suit everyone. With small, tightly woven braids to wide, loose braids, the styles are tremendous in variety and creativity. Diverse combinations of yellow gold, white gold and rose gold add depth to the collection. Braided wedding bands allow couples to choose a design that best suits their personality within a wide variety of options.

Featured: Braided Wedding Band White Gold


Celtic Wedding Bands

celtic wedding bandsSome couples may choose a fashionable twist for their wedding rings. Apples of Gold has the answer with an outstanding number of Celtic wedding bands. Rich in Celtic heritage and beauty, these rings offer exquisite craftsmanship. With a plethora of different Celtic knots and styles, Apples of Gold makes selecting a Celtic wedding band easier than saying “I do!” Customers also have varied precious metals to choose from, ensuring their wedding band has the perfect blend of Celtic design and treasured style. Remarkable in form and sure to last a lifetime, Celtic wedding bands from Apples of Gold are a category all their own.

Featured: Celtic Wedding Band Ring


Christian Wedding Bands

christian wedding bandsHonoring the marriage covenant and each other is easy with a Christian wedding band from Apples of Gold. These beautiful rings are steeped in spiritual culture and bring the Christian faith to life every day. Plain bands with a carved cross bring a pious element to  a wedding ring. Others offer more ornate options, like the Jerusalem Cross Wedding Band. The assortment of Christian rings from Apples of Gold is a vast one, but each promises to revere the Christian faith with elegance and style.

Featured: Song of Solomon Cross Wedding Band


Floral Wedding Bands

floral wedding bandsFlowers are nearly always a part of weddings, but the blooms quickly fade into a memory. Apples of Gold gives a floral arrangement that will never wither. Their floral wedding bands bring all the beauty of bloom into the precious symbol of a wedding ring. Exceptional care is taken when crafting these nature-inspired rings. They feature everything from simple leaf patterns to a garden of tiny blooms. Some boast hand-carved patterns while others offer a refined Victorian look. A variety of gold color options allows couples to pick the ring that’s best for their ceremony and style.

Featured: Floral Wedding Band White Gold


Heart Wedding Bands

heart wedding bandFalling love can feel like your heart is on fire–in a good way! Capture that blazing romance for the rest of your days with a Apples of Gold heart wedding ring. These bands beam with love at every angle with their sundry heart-shaped motifs. Customers can choose a rings with a simpler design, like a pattern of full-shaped hearts encircling the band (left). Or they can select a more elaborate style like the Artisan Heart Etched Wedding Band. Apples of Gold offers these designs and more in the heart wedding band selection.

Featured: Heart Wedding Band


Paisley Wedding Bands

paisley wedding bandsBrides and grooms searching for a signature style won’t need to look any further than Apples of Gold’s selection of paisley wedding bands. These masterfully designed wedding bands create numerous variations on the simple paisley shape and expertly forge them into a stunning wedding band. The paisley designs weave gracefully over bands of various gold colors and combinations. Engraved carvings and open-air designed rings are included in this selection, along with many others. An abundance of styles ensures every couple can pick just the right paisley pattern for their wedding ring.

Featured: Paisley Wedding Band White Gold


Vintage Wedding Bands

vintage wedding band ringVintage is always in style, especially at Apples of Gold. This time-tested fashion proves that some love never dies, like the beautifully crafted vintage style. Florals and paisley shapes make this category of wedding rings a must-see for all brides and grooms. These bands evoke an age of romance and timeless beauty, all within the borders of a ring. Any vintage style wedding ring will keep couples looking chic from the wedding day to forever.

Featured: Vintage Wedding Band White Gold


Diamond Wedding Bands

diamond wedding bandThere’s never a better time to purchase a diamond ring than in honor of your wedding. Diamonds symbolize eternity with their ultra-hard surface, and they also stand for classic fashion and precious value, so combining these elements into your wedding ring is a sure hit. The diamond wedding band selection at Apples of Gold promises to give you all the fashion perks without the hard-hitting prices. Their collection of diamond wedding rings allows brides and grooms to find the perfect fit, whether that’s a simple solitaire or a flourish of sparkling stones. The right diamond wedding ring is out there at Apples of Gold. With an extensive range of diamond rings, couples will have no trouble choosing the style that suits their personality and budget.

Featured: Diamond Floral Wedding Band


two tone wedding bandThis is just a glimpse of the bountiful collection of wedding rings offered by Apples of Gold. Their high quality guarantee and extensive jewelry knowledge place every bride and groom in the best hands to purchase their wedding rings. A vast and diverse selection of wedding rings from sleek and simple to rich and opulent are available all at the click of a button. Couples won’t want to miss this exciting selection of wedding rings to choose from, only at Apples of Gold.

Featured: Two-Halves One Flesh Wedding Band

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