Alternative Wedding Bands: Titanium, Platinum, Silver, Cobalt 

blue celtic titanium wedding bandFrom the wedding day forward, husband and wife promise to cherish, love and honor one another every day. Couples use wedding rings to symbolize this incredible gift of love, an emblem that is with them throughout their journey of marriage. Each union is a unique blend of personality and promise, and the wedding rings should embody that individuality. For many couples, that means choosing a wedding band made of something other than the traditional gold. Apples of Gold online jewelry retailer provides the perfect solution with an extensive selection of wedding rings forged from alternative metals. Whether couples are driven by metal quality, design, cost or the sheer desire to be unique, has the right alternative metal wedding ring.

Titanium Wedding Bands

titanium hammered wedding bandSuperior function and form best define the category of titanium wedding rings. These rings offer the beauty of a sumptuous metallic color which brings unique depth to the band. But beauty isn’t just skin deep in this alternative metal; it also brings significant value in many other areas. Titanium is revered for being corrosion resistant, which means the ring will never react to saltwater or sunlight. As the preferred metal used in medical instruments and surgical tools, titanium is proven to be a highly bio-compatible metal that’s perfect for everyday jewelry wear. This means that since titanium doesn’t react to body chemistry, it is 100 percent hypoallergenic, and perfect for those who are sensitive to many other metals, like gold alloys. Titanium’s distinct properties also ensure it will never tarnish, unlike gold rings, which lose their shine over time. A titanium wedding band will always keep its luster and fine grey color. This alternative metal also boasts superior strength over the traditional gold. Its unbelievable high strength-to-weight ratio gives titanium wedding rings high-grade strength but without a heavy feeling.  As a lightweight alternative metal, titanium is an excellent choice, especially for active couples, people who frequently work with their hands, or those who just want an incredibly strong wedding ring. Titanium wedding bands bring all of these qualities together with a spectacular price. At Apples of Gold, customers can find expertly designed titanium wedding rings for an average range of $199-$299–a big blessing for those on a budget. In comparison to gold, titanium wedding bands have higher durability and will maintain their luster longer, all without irritating the skin. These combination of qualities makes owning a titanium wedding band highly appealing to all.

Platinum Wedding Bands

platinum paisley wedding bandThe ultimate precious metal, platinum is a stand-out choice for wedding rings. The high quality nature of platinum is one reason for its popularity, but it also offers many rare, valuable elements for wedding rings. Platinum is bright white in color and offers unparalleled brilliance. It’s more radiant than white gold because of its very high purity, and unlike gold, its naturally white color means the ring stays luminous without special maintenance. This beautiful alternative metal is abut 95 percent pure, compared with 14K gold, which is about 58 percent gold. This key quality makes platinum a precious metal that tops the charts in terms of purity, which increases the value of any wedding ring made of platinum. This metal also boasts better durability for wedding rings, which means platinum bands won’t wear down as easily or quickly as gold rings. Platinum also brings substantial weight to wedding rings, as it weighs about 60 percent more than gold. This increased weight gives special presence to the ring and solid feeling for the wearer. Wedding rings made of platinum are a great alternative to gold alloys, because platinum is also a hypoallergenic metal. This irritant-free quality is especially important for those with sensitive skin, since a wedding ring worn every day must be comfortable. Another superb feature of platinum is that it does not tarnish because it does not oxidize. Gold alloy rings must be re-plated to regain their shiny new look, but platinum’s beauty doesn’t fade. All of these characteristics of platinum do drive the price higher than gold, but customers are getting a higher quality wedding ring when they choose platinum.


Silver Wedding Bands

silver wedding bandThis alternative metal is giving gold a run for its money. Silver is make a stellar display in recent years because of the increased price of gold. A beautiful metal, silver is a bright white color, similar to platinum or white gold, but without the price. A highly economical option, silver wedding rings offer the same amount of depth and design as gold rings. From plain band to lavish adornment, silver is a wonderful metal to embrace for wedding rings. Silver jewelry brings a high purity to the table as well, even though it is an alloy, typically combined with copper. With purity greater than 90 percent, silver makes a first-rate showing among jewelry. This metal is very malleable, and pure silver is slightly too soft for rings, so combining it with another metal retains the malleable properties but also allows it to be more durable for everyday wear. Silver is gaining traction in the jewelry community because it is easily crafted into high quality pieces while maintaining a comfortable price tag. Apples of Gold brings the best of silver to its wedding bands, ensuring couples a great price for gorgeous rings.


Rose Gold Wedding Bands

rose gold wedding bandThe beautiful blush color found in rose gold rings is a distinct one, indeed. Forged from a gold alloy, this precious metal gives wedding rings a truly unique palette of color because of its mixture with copper. This blend is a perfect choice for those couples who want gold rings but don’t want the typical yellow or white color. Rose gold rings make a signature statement in style with a hint of vintage romance. This striking take on traditional gold keeps all the value of the precious metal without all the standard look. Apples of Gold offers a wonderful variety of rose gold rings to suit both the bride and groom. A plain rose gold wedding band with a comfort fit design is simple elegance with outstanding comfort. Luxury is given a rosy glow in the hand-carved design wedding band in 14K rose gold, and it brings a seamless pattern and expert style into one beautiful wedding ring. The unmistakable allure of rose gold is that it combines the precious value of standard gold with a totally unique color.


Cobalt Wedding Bands

cobalt wedding bandAn alternative to each of the above metals is the cobalt wedding band. This metal is inspiring with its attractive, vivid white color that compares to platinum and white gold and is brighter than titanium. Cobalt has many other attributes as a jewelry metal, and is an excellent alternative to the standard gold wedding ring. Bands made of cobalt are about the same weight as gold and heavier than titanium, which gives the a comfortable, solid feeling. An important characteristic of cobalt is the metal’s hardness. In comparison to gold, cobalt is five times harder, and in comparison to platinum, it’s six times harder. This feature is critical for couples who work frequently with their hands or lead a very active lifestyle. Cobalt allows them to wear their ring every day without fear or breakage or damage. Highly resistant to scratches, cobalt makes a great choice for those who want the beautiful platinum shine and color to last–without the pricing. Cobalt retains its luster because it is a naturally white metal, unlike white gold, which is a mixture of gold (naturally yellow) and other metals that give it a white appearance. This metal also brings the desirable hypoallergenic quality to jewelry, which ensures wearers won’t have any skin irritations. Shatterproof and strong, cobalt is ideal alternative to some precious metal wedding bands because it allows for slight sizing alternations, too. Apples of Gold brings the best of cobalt’s qualities together in a variety of designs to meet any couple’s wedding band needs.


black titanium wedding band benchmarkThe alternative metal wedding bands offered by Apples of Gold allow brides and grooms the opportunity to express their individuality with their choice of metal. The unique properties of each of these metals make them desirable and functional wedding rings. Whether customers need a hard, durable ring or one with a special color, Apples of Gold provides the best quality, diversity and pricing in online jewelry retail, allowing couples to purchase truly specially wedding bands to commemorate their special day.

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