Are Silver Wedding Bands for Me? 

silver wedding bandsIf you’re asking, “Are silver wedding bands for me?” there are a number of factors to consider. Are you on a budget? Does your jewelry box already contain a lot of silver? Are you looking for rings that will last? If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, silver wedding bands may be for you.

Sterling silver wedding rings offer a number of advantages for many of today’s couples, especially those looking for quality rings that are easy on the wallet. Sterling silver styles cost a fraction of the price of similar white gold wedding bands while providing a look that’s similar to white gold. Despite their price, these rings aren’t “cheap”. All of Apples of Gold’s sterling silver wedding rings are crafted from the highest quality silver available for jewelry: .925 sterling silver. This alloy combines pure silver, which is too soft on its own to be used in jewelry, with other metals such as zinc, resulting in a jewelry medium that’s both strong and long-lasting.

When asking “Are silver wedding bands for me?” it’s important to consider the type of jewelry you wear on a regular basis. If your jewelry collection already contains a lot of silver jewelry, a silver wedding band would coordinate seamlessly.

For many, the most important factor when answering “Are silver wedding bands for me?” is personal preference. If you’re drawn to the color and shine of silver, it’s a natural choice for a ring you’ll wear every day.

Apples of Gold’s Silver Paisley Wedding Band Ring (shown above left) showcases fine craftsmanship through a graceful yet whimsical swirling design. Both a beaded border and polished edges set off this unique motif, creating a gorgeous collage of textures.

If you’re asking “Are silver wedding bands for me?” and are concerned that a silver wedding ring will tarnish, consider one of Apples of Gold’s argentium silver wedding bands (such as the silver paisley band shown above). Argentium silver is a special type of sterling silver that has several unique properties, including a high resistance to tarnish, due to the inclusion of a substance called germanium. It’s also harder and more resistant to scratching that traditional sterling silver, low-maintenance and has an even brighter color than other types of silver.

silver floral wedding band ringThe Silver Floral Vine Wedding Band (shown below / right) is another stunning example of argentium silver’s suitability for wedding bands. It adds a modern twist to a floral design: overlapping leaves encircle the wearer’s finger like a wreath with a highly lustrous finish.

Another prime example is the Silver Celtic Heart Knot Wedding Band. This style incorporates a heart into a timeless, seamless Celtic knot design—a motif that many have adopted as a symbol of eternity. It’s a fitting picture of love that will never tarnish.

If you’re asking “Are silver wedding bands for me?” consider both your budget and your taste. If you’re looking for rings that are affordable, beautiful and durable, or if you’re simply drawn to silver’s luster, you can answer “yes.”

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