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the wedding bandThe wedding band has a long and storied history. From the sands of ancient Egypt to the shores of a new America, wedding bands have foremost symbolized the unity of a couple across cultures, however, some nuances occur throughout the history of the wedding band.

There is no exact date for when wedding bands first became the ultimate symbol of fidelity, but it is believed by many expert historians that the wedding band was first used in ancient Egypt. This belief is based on the findings of various archaeological studies that revealed the use of rings. These studies showed that Egyptians revered the circle as a symbol of eternal love and wore rings on the fourth finger of their left hand. They believed this finger was especially connected to the heart, and this idea has remained legend many centuries later. Ancient Romans also wore wedding bands, but they were first given only among higher social classes who could afford them. Since jewelry was not a common luxury among ancient Romans, only the wealthy could splurge for such a gift. While on the surface this gift giving seems kind, some historians believe that the ring given to a bride was meant more to show possession that a husband owned his wife. Although this is not the most romantic of gestures, the wedding band was still an important symbol for the day.

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two halves wedding bandMarriage has always been about putting faith in one another, and be faithful to your partner. To capture this in the wedding band, Europeans in the Middle Ages carved two hands joined together into a ring. This symbol was called a fede or faith ring, and was usually made of silver and denoted the faithful love of the marriage union. The name is derived from the Italian mani in fede, meaning hands joined in faith.

Later, hearts were added to the motif, with two hands clasping the heart. This romantic take is also linked to the now popular Claddagh Wedding Band. With Irish origins, the Claddaugh is also a symbol of love. Specifically, the design includes two hands clasping a heart with a crown on top. The hands still stand for friendship, the heart for love and the crown for loyalty. This take on the fede ring flourished in Europe as well.

The wedding band also took on different forms in other cultures. For example, the gimmel ring, which featured two or three bands that interlocked, was popular in Europe during the sixteenth and seventh century. Gimmel rings get their name from the Latin gemelli, which means twins. These rings were sometimes worn by the bride-to-be and groom-to-be after they became engaged, and then later locked together for the bride to wear after the marriage.

Lasting love was also signified by puzzle rings. These rings often served as the wedding band in Turkish culture, but were also popular in the Renaissance period. In the past, puzzle rings appear to have a never-ending knot on the top that is comprised of at least four bands. These rings used to have anywhere from four to twelve bands, but modern styles typically use three to five rings. These interesting and intricate rings are still given a knotted design that appeals to many different styles.

bible scripture wedding band ringIn modern days, the wedding band is still a symbol of love and faithfulness. Particularly in Christian culture, wedding rings are seen as an emblem of a covenant between God, the husband, and the wife. This important union is signified by the wedding ring because it has no beginning or end. The unending love symbolized by the ring is also a reflection of God’s love for his people and for the couples’ love for God and for each other.  The Bible specifically gives special importance to this union, beginning in the very first book of Genesis: “This explains why a man leaves his father and mother and is joined to his wife, and the two are united into one,” (Genesis 2:24). Throughout the Bible, the marriage covenant is revered, as in Hebrews 3:14: “Marriage should be honored by all.” The betrothal of a daughter was no small matter in biblical culture because it was seen as agreement between two families. Today, marriages in Christian culture are still given this respect, usually with a ceremony to join the couple as one and bring both families together in celebration.

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Indeed, celebrating the union of two people in love is a joyous occasion that will be forever marked by the wedding band. Brides and grooms are delighted when they are finally able to slide that precious ring onto one another’s finger. The memory of that moment lasts a lifetime, and hopefully, so should the wedding ring. Couples wanting to find a high quality ring that honors the marriage union should turn to online jewelry retailer Apples of Gold, because they know what it means to celebrate that special bond between man and wife.

hammered wedding vow ringThe exchange of wedding rings is usually accompanied by a reciting of vows between the bride and groom. These precious proclamations of love are given before family and friends who serve as witnesses in this commitment. Vows often declare that the spouse promises and pledges to honor and love their partner throughout their live: for better or worse, richer of poorer, in sickness and in health, in joy and sorrow, as long as they live. These traditional words are often given variations to suit the bride and groom’s personality and culture, but ultimately the vows end with that special wedding ring resting on the spouse’s finger.

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Apples of Gold makes sure the wedding band isn’t just a jewelry accessory, but that it is also a reminder of the wedding vows. Apples of Gold provides superior quality rings that truly embody the joy and beauty of a marriage. With everything from simple, elegant plain bands to opulent, lavish rings, Apples of Gold can make any wedding ring dream come true. They offer wedding rings in all types of metals, like precious yellow gold and contemporary white gold. Wedding bands also come in alternative metals, like titanium. Within their vast collection of bands, Apples of Gold offers polished plain wedding bands, hammered wedding rings, Celtic wedding bands, Vintage wedding bands, silver wedding bands, and more. Their rings also included many different designs, like hearts or braided motifs. Floral designs have also become a popular ring theme, along with personalized engraved wedding rings.

paisley wedding band ringApples of Gold aims to help couples honor their commitment to a lifetime of love with their high quality wedding bands. Brides and grooms will not only love their superb selection but also the outstanding pricing. Apples of Gold helps each bride and groom purchase the wedding band of their choice with their low pricing. With an average of pricing nearly forty percent below standard jewelry retailers, Apples of Gold shines out among the rest. They are completely dedicated to giving customers the best value for their money by working closely with wholesale jewelers to keep inventory cost low.

Throughout the ages, wedding rings have meant devotion and sacrifice from one person to another. This age-old commitment of love is signified every day with the wedding band. Apples of Gold gives brides and grooms the best in jewelry quality and design, so couples can honor and cherish one another, and their rings, for a lifetime.

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