Anodized Titanium Wedding Bands 

blue titanium celtic wedding band ringThere are many qualities that define a lasting marriage. Strength and fortitude are two qualities that go hand-in-hand for couples because every marriage experiences some trials. But marriage is also about having a strong love for each other from the start. To symbolize this unyielding commitment, brides and grooms exchange wedding rings. As the perfect emblem for unending love, the wedding rings are an important decision for couples during their wedding preparations. These days, the traditional gold rings still reign, but more and more brides and grooms are turning to a non-traditional metal to mark their vows. One particular metal, titanium, stands out among the rest. Titanium wedding bands have several beneficial properties that make it a wonderful wedding ring choice. The options are ever increasing with titanium by anodizing the metal, giving it special coloring for an interesting style statement. Online jewelry retailer Apples of Gold offers some of the best anodized titanium wedding bands for couples.

The experts at Apples of Gold make finding the right anodized titanium wedding bands for couples easy with their online inventory that has options for sizing, styling, and pricing. Anodized titanium rings offer all the benefits of titanium along with a unique color display. Titanium rings are an excellent choice for the metal’s extreme durability. Corrosion resistance is just one quality couples will benefit from with anodized titanium wedding bands. The metal is also biocompatible and hypoallergenic, meaning it won’t react with any person’s body chemicals or leave an unwanted irritation on the skin—perfect for those with particularly sensitive skin.Titanium Irish Green Celtic Heart Love Knot Wedding Band Ring

Caring for titanium wedding bands is easy, too, with the metal’s surface better resistant to scratching. The lightweight nature of titanium also makes it a great every day jewelry choice, and combined with its excellent strength, the metal can’t be beat. Anodized titanium wedding bands offer the advantage of color, too. Naturally, titanium is a deep grey color that is beautiful on its own. But anodizing the metal reveals a rainbow of color options. Anodizing titanium involves creating an oxide film on the metal to bring out various colors. This is done by using an electrolyte on the ring and then applying a DC voltage to create the oxide film. Apples of Gold brings various colors to life by professionally anodizing their selection of titanium rings.

Love reigns in true the Apples of Gold Irish Celtic Heart Love Knot Wedding Band. This ring features anodized titanium in a rich green color to invoke the beauty of Irish Celtic heritage. The center of the band shows off this color in heart-shaped knot that loops continuously over the ring. The Kelly green hue of the heart knot makes this titanium stand out in all the right ways, and the properties of titanium ensure the ring will last a lifetime.

black titanium celtic wedding band ringAnother Apples of Gold creation is the Black Titanium Celtic Wedding Band. This ring offers the grey color of standard titanium as well as an enticing jet-black color. The middle of the ring shows off this ebony color in a Celtic knot that echoes an infinity pattern. The seamless design makes a wonderful showing of the superb color quality of anodized titanium.

Apples of Gold wedding rings ensure every marriage ceremony is given the best jewelry to symbolize the love of a lifetime. Their anodized titanium wedding bands offer excellent structure, durability, strength, and design. Their selection of styles make it easy for couples to find the titanium ring that best suits their fashion and personality. The superior features of titanium will never go out of style, and neither will the anodized titanium wedding bands from Apples of Gold.

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