Hypoallergenic Wedding Bands 

hypoallergenic wedding bandsFinding the perfect wedding ring can be a little tricky if you or the one you love have sensitive skin. After all, who wants to wear a piece of jewelry that doesn’t agree with them? However, you don’t need to forgo wearing a wedding ring to sooth your skin. Hypoallergenic wedding bands provide all the style of bands made from more traditional materials without the irritation they can cause.

Titanium wedding bands might be light enough and strong enough to be used in aircraft, but it also very gentle on your skin. Since it’s a pure metal, it’s perfect for hypoallergenic wedding bands. Titanium doesn’t corrode and its ability to resist wear makes it well suited for a ring that’s meant to be a symbol of love for a lifetime.

Titanium is also significantly less expensive than gold. A titanium ring can cost just a third (or even less) of what a white gold ring in the same size and style would cost.

Plain Titanium Wedding Band Rings are available in polished, satin and matte finishes and are a classic choice for any bride or groom—regardless of the sensitivity of their skin. However, titanium isn’t just for traditional rings—these hypoallergenic wedding bands come in a range of styles, including many that add an edgy vibe:
platinum braided wedding band

Platinum wedding bands are also perfectly suited for hypoallergenic wedding bands. Like titanium, it is safe for sensitive skin and is quite strong. However, platinum is significantly heavier than titanium and it’s twice as dense as gold. It’s also extremely rare—30 times less common than gold—making it a sought-after choice for fine jewelry. Platinum wedding bands are available in a wide breadth of styles for any taste; two shining examples of this metal’s allure and versatility are:

  • Apples of Gold’s Platinum Braided Wedding Band is both unique and meaningful. Its intertwining design symbolizes the unity and strength that result when two lives are joined together as one.
  • Several styles of hammered platinum wedding bands feature an evenly-spaced pounded design that updates the classic ring.

celtic platinum titanium wedding bandCan’t decide which hypoallergenic metal you’d prefer? Consider Apples of Gold’s Platinum and Titanium Celtic Wedding Band, which combines a titanium band with platinum inlay accents. Its hourglass infinity design wraps this ring with a symbol of eternity.

Sensitive skin doesn’t have to prevent any bride or groom from proudly displaying their love with a ring. Titanium and platinum hypoallergenic wedding bands offer stunning style that’s kind to your finger.

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