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Chocolate Pearls – Simply Delicious

chocolate-pearls-largeTwo of the most common Valentine’s Day presents are chocolates and jewelry. These items are front-runners in the gift-giving category for good reason: women love receiving them. The only problem with giving her chocolate is the potential for a waistline guilt trip that your gift is ruining her New Year’s resolution. For this reason, sometimes jewelry is the best (and safest, if you are worried about receiving a death stare) route.

If you are on the hunt for jewelry this Valentine’s Day, we have the ideal jewelry suggestion: capitalize on your honey’s love for chocolate without the guilt trip by wowing her with gorgeous, rich chocolate pearls. To be clear, chocolate pearls are not some kind of kitsch edible jewelry; au contraire, they are a beautiful, unique pearls that come in a rich shade of brown. Chocolate pearls first appeared on the ears and necks of Hollywood A-listers a few years ago, and demand has since blossomed among jewelry lovers.

The warm brown hue of chocolate pearls makes them super versatile, easy to wear jewelry. The rich shade that looks wonderful on everyone’s skin tone, especially in the dead on winter when many of us are lacking in the tan department. White pearls pop beautifully against skin with a little color, but blend in with pale winter skin. Chocolate pearls, on the other hand, can help bring a warmth and glow to your skin, even during the chilliest months.

So, What Exactly is a Chocolate Pearl?

chocolate-pearl-necklaceAffordable chocolate pearl jewelry is relatively new to the jewelry scene since the color is actually man made. Though there are not naturally occurring chocolate pearls in nature, several methods are used by jewelers to create chocolate pearls that will not fade. Bleaching Tahitian black pearls during formation is one method is expensive thanks to the relative rarity of Tahitian black pearls.

In order to create a gorgeous chocolate pearl that is affordable, natural pearls are treated with a permanent brown stain that will not fade or wear out over time. As such, chocolate pearls should be kept away from all harsh household chemicals. This isn’t such a departure from the care of regular pearls, which should also be kept away from chemicals to keep their luster.

Where Can I Buy Chocolate Pearls?

Chocolate pearls can be hard to find, but Apples of Gold recently began carrying select chocolate pearl jewelry (Chocolate Pearl Jewelry Collection). We’re proud to be able to offer these gorgeous pearls to our customers, and you hope you’ll love them just as much as we do. For now we carry a beautiful, double knotted 18 inch chocolate pearl strand necklace with 14k gold clasp, a pristine pair of natural freshwater chocolate chocolate pearl stud earrings, and a chocolate pearl set that includes the 18 inch pearl necklace, pearl stud earrings and a 7 inch chocolate pearl bracelet as well.

Also, if you love colored pearls, check out our other fine selection that includes pink and black pearls (along with the traditional white).

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