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7 Ways To Stay Spiritually Connected As A Busy Parent

Being a busy parent can be so overwhelming and with the amount of responsibilities and jobs that we face and do on a daily basis, it can cause us to forget, or spend less time on praying and reading our bibles. As a single mum, I especially know how difficult it can be to find enough time to myself to pray and study The Word of God. There are ways around this though. We need to find the dedication and determination to work around our busy schedules in order to make more time for God and His Word. Even if it is just for a small amount of time each day, the commitment and consistency is a positive encouragement to maintaining our faith in God.

Here are 7 ways to stay spiritually connected as a busy parent:

1. Make Time In The Morning and Evening

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Even if it is just for 5 short minutes while you’re getting up, taking a shower, or making breakfast, use this time to say a quick prayer to God. When you go to sleep, take aside a few minutes to read the bible or say a prayer before shut eyes. By doing thid everyday will help you stay spiritually connected, and maintain your faith in God.

2. Pray/Study Together As A Family

As a family, it is important to embrace our faith in God together, and to be the shining examples for our children. If we aren’t setting appropriate examples of being a Christian to our children through studying and reading the Bible, and praying, then this may rub off on our children, and cause them to ‘slack off’ too. Before each meal, say a prayer together; at bedtime, read some verses out aloud. When there is a will, there is a way. Stay focused and determined.

3. Use Technology To Your Advantage

There are a numerous amount of phone apps that you can download that will encourage you to reading the bible more, and allowing more time and focus on your faith. For example, there are Bible apps, daily affirmation apps that can send you daily bible verses, and apps that play audios of the bible being read, all in which to keep you motivated.

Furthermore, there are so many different sermons on youtube, and podcasts to download, for instance, that you can easily have playing in the background when you’re cooking, or cleaning, or even driving, that has someone preaching the word of God out aloud to you, for you to listen, learn and reflect upon.

4. Pray Daily

As mentioned before, it is important for us as Christians to put aside some time each day to pray to God. The Bible says in Romans 12:12 to stay instant in prayer, and in 1 Thessalonians 5:17 to pray without ceasing, which means that we should be staying in prayer, whether we say it internally, in our minds, or externally, out aloud. Either way, no matter where you are, you can always have time to pray, and reflect.

5. Write Down Prayer Requests

In addition to praying daily, writing down prayer requests will keep you spiritually connected because you are taking time out of your day to reflect upon what you want to talk to God about, and ask of Him in prayer. In addition to doing this, you can add Bible verses to your prayer requests, to pray about.

6. Go To Church

If you do not attend church already, this is a great opportunity for both yourself and your family to stay spiritually connected. There are also churches that stream their sermons online, like I mentioned before, that still keeps you up to date and focused on hearing and studying The Bible.

7. Bible Study Group

Join a bible study group! Or even a small group online! These are fantastic ways for you to connect with other fellow Christians, ask questions, learn and grow with each other, and gain fellowships too. Like I said before, use technology to your advantage! The options now are endless in terms of what you can do, how you can hear and study the bible, and connect with other believers.

Overall, there are so many different ways for you to stay spiritually connected with God, whilst being a busy parent. It is all about your perception of time, and your determination to making arrangements to have God in your life, and have Him as a priority. We need to continue to learn and grow, especially with others, and with our families too, so we need to stay motivated, and keep praying everyday, keep reading the bible, listening to sermons or attending church and being connected with other Christians too.

Stay encouraged.


God Bless.



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