Trinity Celtic Knot Wedding Band 

trinity knot celtic wedding bandThe motif of the Trinity Knot Celtic Wedding Band may be ancient, but it holds great significance for today’s couples. Also known as the Triquetra, the trinity knot has been used in Celtic artwork since at least the seventh century AD. It adorned gospel manuscripts such as the Book of Kells and has been used in applications from architecture to jewelry.

The trinity knot has been adopted by Christians for centuries as a symbol of the tri-unity of the trinity. The oneness of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit is simply yet beautifully pictured: just as the three persons of the Godhead are separate yet in perfect unity, the three points of this knot are distinct yet inextricably connected.

While some couples choose the trinity knot Celtic wedding band to represent their national heritage, brides and grooms of all backgrounds select rings such as the Triquetra Wedding Band as a reminder of their spiritual heritage. By keeping a representation of their Lord close at hand, they demonstrate that He is central to their lives and their relationship.

The trinity knot Celtic wedding band can also be a reminder that “a threefold cord is not quickly broken.” (Ecclesiastes 4:12) When two people are joined together in the Lord, a bond is formed that isn’t easily torn apart. Rings that utilize the Triquerta can call to mind the importance of unity with both your spouse and your Creator.

triquetra wedding bandThe Celtic Trinity Knot Wedding Band in two-tone 14K gold (shown above/left) gives eye-catching contrast to the Triquetra. Polished three-dimensional yellow gold trinity knots placed side by side practically jump from a white gold band in this trinity knot Celtic wedding band. This style is also available in 18K two-tone gold and, for more a subtle contrast, in solid 14K white gold, allowing the sculptural qualities of this design to be the star.

Since the trinity knot Celtic wedding band utilizes a design that’s over a thousand years old, styles that place this motif in a setting that appears old seem especially fitting. Apples of Gold’s Antiqued Celtic Triquetra Trinity Knot Wedding Band  (shown above/right) is a prime example. Trinity knots inside triangle shapes stand out from the black antiqued finish of this ring, creating a look that’s both aged and modern. If you prefer, this band is also available in yellow gold by request, 18k gold or platinum.

The trinity knot Celtic wedding band is rich with symbolism. It speaks of a heritage of faith and a commitment to love God and your spouse for life.

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