Pink Gold Wedding Bands 

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pink gold paisley wedding bandPlanning a wedding comes with many details about flowers, food, attire, guests and countless other things that need to come together for the bride and groom’s special day. All of these important details, however, pale in comparison to the wedding rings. These very personal symbols of commitment are not just for show—they’re a promise to love, honor, and cherish one another for a lifetime. Honoring that promise with any ordinary ring just won’t do, so online jewelry retailer Apples of Gold has brought together an extraordinary selection of rings to help the bride and groom say “I do” with the best of style. To make a departure from the ordinary, Apples of Gold offers a beautiful selection of pink gold wedding bands, also called rose gold wedding bands, that add a wonderful twist to the ceremony and the style of the ring.
rose gold hammered wedding bandPink gold wedding bands are not just for women, either. This intriguing color is reminiscent of a lasting sunset and offers the high value of gold, too. A wedding band of rose gold is the perfect way to commemorate the wedding with a unique style and design. Apples of Gold has a broad selection of rose gold bands to please any couple. For starters, the Rose Gold Hammered Wedding Band in 14K offers the glow of a special color with the dynamic surface brought with the hammered finish. The edges of the ring are tapered for a smooth transition from the hammered finish to the smooth polished edge. The inner band boasts a comfort fit design for the ultimate luxurious feel. This exquisite ring measures 6.5mm wide and is a wonderful choice for both bride and groom to sport from their wedding day forward. The blend of rose gold with the hammered design makes this ring fresh and stylish.

If couples still want the presence of yellow gold and white gold in their ring, they should consider the 14K Rose and Tri-Color Gold Braided Wedding Band. This is one of the pink gold wedding bands that really stands out with the three colors combined into one marvelous ring. The outer edges are 14K rose gold and smoothly polished. The next border offers a roped design, also of 14K rose gold and perfectly frames the center design of 14K yellow, white, and rose gold all braided together. This lively display of color is an excellent tribute to the coming together of the bride and groom, as their weave their lives into one.

plain rose gold wedding bandBrides and grooms can search the selection of pink gold wedding bands to find their perfect match, which might be something a little simpler, like the 14K Rose Gold Brush Wedding Band. This piece offers two rounded, polished borders of 14K rose gold to frame the ring. The center is 14K white gold with a plain, brushed satin finish. This simple design still speaks volumes about style because of its sleek form and outstanding gold quality. This ring would also be a great as a matching set for the bride and groom.

Apples of Gold makes finding pink gold wedding bands easy with their extensive online selection of rings. The beauty of rose gold is that it doesn’t conform to the traditional expectations of a ring, but it still offers all the precious qualities of traditional gold. Rose gold brings that unique pink color that doesn’t have to be overly feminine. Instead, rose gold rings from Apples of Gold come in a wealth of style options to suit both the bride and groom as they search for just the right wedding ring to exchange on their special day.

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