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hammered wedding vow wedding band ringThere are countless decisions that come with wedding planning: guest list, location, season, food, ceremony, flowers, music, to name a few. This overwhelming overload of planning can make couples dizzy, especially if the planning includes various trips to the caterer, on-site location review, listening to bands, and all the rest of the much-needed in person planning. One aspect that couples can confidently leave to online shopping is their wedding rings. Shopping for wedding bands online leaves behind the stress of going to stores. The range of choices is outstanding, and they’re all available within the comfort of your home.

Yellow Gold Wedding Bands

This classic choice for wedding bands is still the go-to gold for many brides and grooms. Yellow gold evokes a sophisticated approach to jewelry that is an excellent choice for traditional-style rings as well as bands with varied motifs. Yellow gold is usually found online in at least 14K gold, but is also available in 18K gold from many retailers. This precious metal is actually an alloy of gold and other metals to give it the right hardness to form jewelry. Shoppers can find every type of gold band online from simple, plain, and polished to complex, patterned, and extravagant. A classic choice for today’s bride and groom, yellow gold is always in style, and promises to maintain its luster long after the vows are said.

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White Gold Wedding Bands

white gold paisley wedding band ringWhite gold is seen as the more contemporary of golds because of its clean, modern color. Couples are steering toward this neutral color choice because it goes well with any style and looks beautiful with diamonds. White gold is also an alloy of gold and white-colored metals like nickel and silver. Online shoppers should look for a 14K white gold ring to ensure the band has that bright white color, and anything lower than 14K white gold could look slightly yellowish, especially over time. White gold is white hot right for its sleek, shiny look that can be gorgeous as a plain band or as a intricately carved piece of art. The selection online is practically endless for this popular precious metal.

Featured: White Gold Paisley Wedding Band Ring

Rose Gold Wedding Bands

rose gold wedding band ringThis pink-tinted gold is actually a combination of gold (naturally yellow) and copper, along with select other metals to create appropriate hardness. Rose gold usually comes in 14K, much like other varieties of gold. Rose gold is no longer reserved for just ladies looking for a feminine wedding band. This color gold is available in many different forms, and shopping online opens a world of possibilities with the ring. Customers still wanting the feminine look can go with a floral motif wedding band, while men wanting something more sturdy have options like the hammered finish. Whatever your desires, rose gold bands from online jewelry retailers offer a much broader selection than anything in stores.

Featured: Rose Gold Wedding Band Ring

Two Tone Wedding Bands

two halves wedding band ringTwo-tone gold rings are usually comprised of yellow gold and white gold, though sometimes rose gold is substituted, too. The two-tone look has blossomed online because of the variety available. In stores, couples may only find a few choice of two-tone rings, but online there are a wealth of choices. Two-tone rings offer a unique marriage of metals that also embodies the idea of two becoming one. This aesthetic significance makes two-tone gold wedding bands an ideal choice for couples who want to add meaning to their rings in a beautiful way. Two-tone rings can come in simple designs or elaborate ones, like a braided look. The dual color look is also popular for Celtic-style rings or those with special patterns that can feature one gold in the center of the band and the other as the base.

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Tri-Color Wedding Bands

tri color gold braided wedding band ringTri-color gold wedding bands bring the best of three together in gorgeous form. Yellow gold, white gold and rose gold make up these pretty trios that are usually comprised of 14K golds. There are usually very, very few tri-color rings (if any) in standard jewelry storefronts, so online is the way to go for this superb look. Braided designs are an excellent way to display all three colors while bringing the significance of two lives woven together into the wedding band. This is just one example of the beauty of the tri-color design, but couples have many other options for a triple-colored wedding ring. Shopping for tri-color wedding bands online has never been better because the current selection can’t be beat.

Featured: Tri-Color Gold Braided Wedding Band Ring

Platinum Wedding Bands

platinum hammered wedding band ringPerhaps the most premium of wedding metals, platinum surely stands out among the rest. Platinum is one of the most pure metals used for wedding bands, with purity usually coming in at 95 percent. As a naturally white metal, platinum never loses its luster, making it a very appealing choice for brides and grooms who want a low-maintenance ring. Additionally, that brilliant white color is modern, fresh, and goes with practically every style. Platinum wedding bands do come with a higher price tag than gold bands, but shopping online can help couples find a great deal on a beautiful platinum ring. Jewelry stores in malls can’t compete with the range of prices and styles that exist online for platinum wedding bands.

Featured: Platinum Hammered Wedding Band Ring

Silver Wedding Bands

silver paisley wedding band ringOn the other end of the price spectrum is silver. This economical but beautiful metal isn’t usually an option in regular jewelry stores. Most carry only gold, platinum and some alternative metal rings, but silver is quite often left out of the mix. Not so online. Instead, silver gets a star role for its outstanding price margin and fabulous selection. With options online ranging from plain silver bands to intricately detailed rings, brides and grooms will be able to find that beautiful ring that doesn’t break their wedding budget. Turning to online jewelry retailers is the smartest, most affordable way to get the ring you want to say “I do!” with.

Featured: Silver Paisley Wedding Band Ring

Titanium Wedding Bands

This alternative metal is turning up everywhere online, and for good reason. The titanium boasts many great properties, like extreme strength. It’s also a very lightweight ring that feels great on your finger. Titanium bands in stores are limited, but online shoppers can find an abundance of options from sleek to stunning. The price is right, too, with titanium, because it is significantly less costly than gold wedding bands. The benefits of titanium don’t just lie in money, though. The naturally found metal is also hypoallergenic—perfect for those with sensitive skin. Couples shopping for wedding bands online should definitely take a look at this unique and versatile titanium celtic wedding band ring

The beauty of a wedding band is that it is a just-for-you piece of jewelry. Couples need to find rings that suit their personal style, budget, and desire. They also need wedding bands they can wear everyday. Simply put, most storefront jewelry stores can’t offer the extensive range of wedding bands that most brides and grooms need to be happy. Why limit yourself to what’s under the glass case when online shopping opens up near-endless opportunites to your shopping experience? Every kind of metal and style is found online, from classic yellow gold to cutting-edge titanium. Making the choice to switch is easy: shopping for wedding bands online will be your best decision yet for a stress-free wedding planning experience.

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