Black Titanium Wedding Bands for Men 

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black titanium celtic wedding band ringSo much thought and attention goes into the making of a bride. There hundreds of publications and websites dedicated to the blushing bride, and rightfully so. Her accouterments like the veil, hairstyle, dress, shoes, etc, make for a big discussion. But let’s not leave out the other half of this dynamic couple: the groom. Now that his main concern of proposing to his love has been sealed, it’s time to get down to business selecting a wedding ring. Online jewelry retailer,, pays special attention to grooms. After all, he has decided to take care of his wonderful bride for a lifetime, so the groom should be able to honor that commitment with the wedding ring that fits his personal lifestyle, taste, and budget. Apples of Gold makes that possible with their selection of black titanium wedding bands for men. These alternative metal rings offer a wealth of options in style and bring some very important features to the table.

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Titanium is just about the only metal that can stand up to an active groom’s lifestyle. It’s three time stronger than steel, so grooms can rest assured their hobbiess (be it rock climbing or cooking) won’t be interfered by a band of metal. Instead, black titanium weddings bands for men allow the groom to continue his life with style. For example, the sleek Black Titanium Concave Wedding Band blends great fashion with functionality. This wedding ring is given a comfort fit inner band to make wearing the ring easy, while the outer band boasts an interesting concave style. Two highly polished edges of black titanium make a perfect border for the center band, which shows off a satin finish. This remarkable ring is an excellent choice for any groom who wants just a hint of high style and great functionality. has black titanium wedding bands for men that bring a different look to the table, too. The Black Titanium Carbon Fiber Inlay Wedding Band is one of them. This high speed, low drag option features rounded edges of black titanium for the right frame, which are given a high polish for the right amount of shine. The center band is given an extra dose of style with the carbon fiber inlay that perfectly complements the black titanium. This unique look is a sure bet for stylish groom.

black titanium wedding band ring benchmarkAmong the options of black titanium wedding bands for men are some simpler styles, like the Black Titanium Wedding Band, which boasts the excellent grey color of titanium and a slice of the deep black color, too. This band is offered in a polished or matte finish, and features a single off-centered channeled grove of black titanium for the minimalist groom. Guys can also customize the width of the ring, from 4mm to 10mm wide, an awesome feature to help best suit their style.

Perhaps the groom needs something with a little more heritage in it, like the Black Titanium Celtic Knot Wedding Band. This piece features the deep grey of titanium with an intriguing Celtic knot pattern in black titanium. This pattern of knots and loops weaves continuously over the center of the band and makes for a stylish ring with a nod to Celtic heritage.

Any of these black titanium wedding bands for men offered by Apples of Gold will be a durable, sturdy ring perfect for the active lifestyle. Their diverse styles allow grooms to select the wedding band that meets their design needs while still being affordable. Shopping with Apples of Gold keeps a guy on budget and in style, simple as that.

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