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Black Titanium Wedding Bands for Men

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Mens Black Titanium Wedding Bands Ľ

Black is a true basic, but the cutting edge looks of mens black titanium wedding bands are far from mundane. These rings are cool, sleek and modern, as well as exceedingly strong, making them excellent symbols of a love that will always remain. The color of black titanium is created through a treatment process that changes the color of the metalís surface from its natural gray to black. This charcoal-like hue isnít a coatingóitís part of the ring itself. Thus, black titanium wedding bands display all of the properties that make unaltered titanium so appealing. Read more.

Titanium is an increasingly popular metal for jewelry and it has several properties that make it well suited for wedding rings. Itís known for its incredible strengthóitís even stronger than steel and is often used in aircraft. All of Apples of Goldís mens black titanium wedding bands are formed from aircraft-grade titanium.

Since titanium is incredibly strong, itís incredibly durable, resisting scratching and holding its shape. Titanium is also very lightweight: although itís stronger than steel, it weighs 50 percent less. In addition, because itís a non-reactive metal, titanium will never tarnish, rust or erode. This resistance to wear and tarnish is a perfect picture of a love that will never rust or wear away.

Titanium rings are excellent choices for those with sensitive skin or allergies to certain metals. Titanium is hypoallergenic and wonít cause irritation, even if youíre often sensitive to other metals.

Many of Apples of Goldís mens black titanium wedding bands feature black engraved designs that stand out in sharp contrast on gray-colored bands. The bold look of these styles allows you to make an unmistakably modern statement.

Celtic knots are given an up-to-the minute look in several of Apples of Goldís black titanium wedding bands. Although these intertwining designs have been used for over a thousand years, when etched in titanium, they become modern expressions of style.

Stripes are a popular element in mens black titanium rings, providing minimalistic design elements that add touches of unmistakable class. Apples of Goldís collection includes pieces with both single and double stripes, including several asymmetrical designs with an extra dose of edge.

Whether youíre looking for a wedding ring that will express the strength and resilience of your love, one thatís easy on sensitive skin or one that exudes a cool modern sensibility, mens black titanium rings are a great fit. They communicate strength with style.

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