Unique Wedding Bands for Women 

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unique white gold floral wedding band ringMany women anticipate their special wedding day before they even meet their mate, and they start considering what kind of wedding style they like long before their groom-to-be pops the question. This isn’t uncommon because such a joyous event in a woman’s life is also highly anticipated. With so many details to ponder, from ceremony settings to the special vows, brides have plenty to think about. One thing is certain for every bride: they want their wedding to be unique. A wedding, and all the details that go along with it, should reflect the couple’s personal style and preferences. But what is even more important than the setting and the cake decorating is the bride’s wedding ring. It may be she has already had a style in mind for years before her groom came along. Or she might not be sure of what her forever ring should look like. But every woman wants her ring to be unique, like her. Online jewelry retailer, applesofgold.com, helps brides find that special ring to reflect her fashion and style. Even if a bride isn’t quite sure what she wants, she can find it in the Apples of Gold selection of unique wedding bands for women.

two halves one flesh wedding band ringApples of Gold makes it possible for every bride to have the wedding band she dreams of and deserves. Their seemingly endless collection of unique wedding bands for women is the best place for a bride to shop. With an abundance of different metals, styles, and designs, every woman will feel special with her purchase. Apples of Gold helps each woman also feel confident that her wedding ring is of the best standards with their high quality guarantee. From silver to gold and every style in between, Apples of Gold has the answer.

One of their unique wedding bands for women includes the Two Halves One Flesh Wedding Band. This truly intriguing ring is the perfect symbol of the union of two unique lives into one. This ring brings the splendor of 14K white gold and 14K yellow together in striking form. With one half in each of these gold colors, the ring is twice as beautiful. These two halves join together to make one ring that shows off a wave-like line where the two golds meet. This simple but absolutely powerful image will be a reminder to both the bride and groom of their happy wedding day and precious marriage covenant. The band measures a total of 7mm wide and is highly polished for a gorgeous shine. It also features a comfort fit inner band so the bride can flaunt her ring with unparalleled ease.

white gold paisley wedding band ring for womenAnother of Apples of Gold’s unique wedding bands for women is the 14K White Gold Paisley Wedding Band. This elegant piece is perfect for a bride who would like a pattern on her ring that is both sophisticated and feminine. The band is made of radiant 14K white gold for a clean shine and also features a comfort fit inner band. The center of the ring shows off the gorgeous paisley pattern of delicate swirls and dainty leaves. This pattern encircles the band and is framed on either side by milgrain lines (small beaded lines). This stunning white gold wedding band measures 4mm wide and 2mm thick for just the right statement size. This piece is one of the most beautiful, unique wedding bands for women because of its excellent detailed pattern and high quality craftsmanship.

vintage floral paisley wedding band ring white goldMany modern brides are opting for an artisan look at their wedding with handmade favors, shabby chic décor, and little details that add a lot of personality to their wedding. Now women can add a handmade wedding band to their list with the Apples of Gold Handmade Floral Paisley Wedding Band. This ring is offered in a range of metals to suit every budget, including: sterling silver, 14K white gold, 18K white gold, 14K yellow gold, 14K rose gold and platinum. This is certainly one of the more elegant unique wedding bands for women with its artisan-like craftsmanship. Hand-carved details like small flowers and swirling paisley designs light up this band with the best artistry. Any bride will treasure this wedding band for its beautiful style and outstanding quality work. This exquisite piece measures 3mm wide and 1.5mm thick, making it a truly dainty accessory for the distinguished bride that is sure to leaver her blushing with pride long after the wedding day.

paisley wedding band ring white goldUnique wedding bands for women also come in a little more opulent form, like Apples of Gold’s Paisley Design White Gold Wedding Band. This simply luxurious ring is stunning in solid 14K white gold, and gleams with brilliance. The paisley design that weaves over the center of this band is unlike another with its delicately carved vines forming a whimsical pattern. This lavish paisley pattern is actually slightly raised from the band for another unique take. The design is bordered on either end by a milgrain line and then a smooth, flat edge. The entire band is given a high polish shine to complete the look for the bride-to-be.

Apples of Gold has plenty of rings for every bride’s taste, including those looking for a look inspired by nature. The Leaf Engraved Wedding Band is just one of the unique wedding bands for women that draws its muse from nature. This band features a two-tone gold style with 14K white gold acting as the base and 14K yellow gold for accent color. A 6.5mm wide band makes a beautiful display for this piece. The ring features a thin and delicate 14K yellow gold milgrain border on each side of the piece. This bright gold accent is a wonderful introduction to the center of the ring, which shows off the gleaming 14K white gold. This center design features perfectly engraved leaves that overlap at just the right angles to encircle the band with crowning beauty. This two-tone wedding band is certainly a ring that will be adored by the bride who loves the natural world.

diamond paisley vintage wedding band ringA bride’s wedding ring is one of the most important jewelry purchases she or her groom can make. It’s a testament to their love for one another and their commitment to each other for a lifetime. Her wedding band needs to be as unique and lovely as she is, while still having the best quality to last throughout the years of marriage. Apples of Gold makes their online selection of unique wedding bands for women the only place that brides need to shop before their big day. They can find an abundance of wedding rings to suit their gold preference, or they can browse sterling silver and platinum rings for a different choice. The ring designs at Apples of Gold are unparalleled by any standard jewelry store. Since their collection includes everything from handmade treasures to the latest in jewelry fashion, brides can be sure they will find the right fit. Apples of Gold also has the right pricing, with their jewelry offered at nearly 40 percent standard retail—thanks to their dedicated relationship with their supplies. Every bride can find the unique wedding band that has a just-for-you-look at Apples of Gold.

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