Unique Diamond Wedding Bands for Women 

paisley diamond wedding band ringIn the past, brides and grooms chose matching wedding bands that were often simple, plain gold wedding bands. While this traditional approach is still taken by some couples, more and more are giving each other rings that are better suited for their individual personality and style. One of the most popular trends right now for brides is selecting diamond wedding bands. A ring studded with the ultimate precious gem can complement the engagement ring or make a statement all its own. Diamond wedding bands for women are a gorgeous style choice that she’ll love to wear forever.

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diamond wedding band ring paisleyWhen brides and grooms are searching for just the right wedding bands, they should take a look at the outstanding selection of diamond wedding bands for women offered by online jewelry retailer applesofgold.com. Their vast array of glittering rings come with a high quality guarantee and ensure every bride can find the wedding band that was made for her. With all types of styles ranging from intricate and detailed to simple and sophisticated, the options seem endless with Apples of Gold. Their diamond wedding bands for women also come in various precious metals. Brides can choose from: sterling silver, white gold, yellow gold, rose gold, and platinum for a ring that best suits their taste.

Apples of Gold makes diamond wedding bands for women that will leave a stunning shimmer on her finger. Take the delicately beautiful diamond wrap ring in 14K white gold. This exquisite piece of jewelry is perfect for those brides who would like to accent their solitaire engagement ring. The diamond ring wrap gracefully arches to create space for the solitaire while still lightly hugging the sides of the engagement ring. With a diamond weight of 0.15 carats, the wedding band will give an extra dose of sparkle without overpowering the engagement ring. This look makes for an instant style statement and perfect pairing of wedding and engagement ring.

diamond ring wrap white goldIf brides are looking for a wedding band that packs a little punch and can fashionably stand alone, they should consider the set of three tri-color gold stackable rings. This set is a superior style for wedding rings because it offers the beauty of three gold colors: yellow gold, white gold, and rose gold. With each of these fabulous precious metals present, the wedding ring is sure to go with every style. Each of the gold rings boasts a bounty of sixteen scintillating white diamonds, for a total of forty-eight gems. Each band measures 1.6mm wide, totaling about 4.7mm wide for all three, which keeps this diamond ring set elegant.  Tip: give the bride one ring for the wedding and the other two for special occasions, like an anniversary, to make this a truly remarkable jewelry gift. tri-color-gold-stackable-diamond-wedding-bands

Sophisticated women who want to leave the fuss out of their diamond wedding ring can turn to Apples of Gold’s husband and wife diamond wedding band. This wedding ring is a true marriage of style and practicality. The 14K white gold band is given a satin brush finish for that subtle glow. The union of two hearts is mirrored with the two princess cut diamonds that adorn the ring. With just the right amount of detail, this diamond wedding band makes a simple wedding band sparkle.

This fashion trend of choosing diamond wedding bands for women allows brides to embrace their individual style and remain true to their personal preference. A diamond wedding band from Apples of Gold ensures the best of high quality diamonds and design for the blushing bride. And, after all, diamonds are a girl’s best friend.

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