Gold Wedding Bands for Men 

two tone gold hammered wedding band ringMost men are not big jewelry shoppers. If they are, it is often for gifts for their mother, grandmother, girlfriend, or wife. That being said, men usually buy jewelry for a woman and not for themselves. One common exception is the purchase of wedding bands. This all-important ring is one jewelry purchase that men can take pride in and not anguish over, as they may do for other purchases. Men ready to take on the title of groom may not be sure where to start with their wedding band search. After all, there are a plethora of wedding magazines that cater to the bride’s needs, but what about the man at the end of the altar? The groom needs just as many options in order to find his own special ring. Online jewelry retailer makes that search simple with their easy-to-navigate website and broad selection of gold wedding bands for men.

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mens celtic wedding band ringMany grooms are comfortable with the traditional gold for their wedding band, and for good reason. Gold is a precious metal with a rich history as a wedding ring. It’s excellent status as a prized metal makes it a consistently great choice for grooms. Gold wedding bands for men have evolved from the standard plain yellow gold band into a wealth of options. Though the traditional look is still available at Apples of Gold at an outstanding price, grooms will also have the option to browse the hundreds of gold wedding bands for men that come in various styles and gold color combinations. With Apples of Gold, online shopping is quick, convenient, affordable and accessible.

At Apples of Gold, grooms can select their perfect gold wedding band all from the ease of their home. Options abound, like with the 14K Two-Tone Gold Hammered Wedding Band. This is a traditional gold band with a serious style upgrade. The base of the ring is 14K white gold that keeps the inner band looking and feeling great, complete with a comfort fit design. The white gold extends to form two identical borders on the ring, making a perfect frame for the center’s design. Bright 14K yellow gold adorns the middle of the band with a hammered finish that makes every surface unique. This simple but stylish look is great for the groom who wants both gold colors without an overwhelming design.

song of solomon cross wedding band ringFor the man of simpler taste but deep Christian faith there is the Song of Solomon Cross Wedding Band. This ring may have little adornment but it makes a strong statement of faith and fashion in its simplicity. The ring can be wrought of sterling silver, 14K white gold, 18K white gold or platinum to suit the groom’s taste and budget. The ring features a smooth white surface and a small Christian cross engraved on the outer band. On the inside of this pious ring is a wonderful verse about the joy of marriage. “I am my beloved and me beloved is mine,” from Song of Songs epitomizes the connection and relationship between bride and groom, and is perfectly carved into this Apples of Gold wedding band. The ring also offers choices of other Bible verses and can be customized to be 4mm or 6mm wide. With a range of options for the faithful groom, this ring is another marvelous choice from

celtic knot wedding band ringFor grooms with the Celtic wedding rings in mind, they should consider Apples of Gold’s extensive selection of gold wedding bands for men that bring the Celtic tradition to life. One such ring is the Caer Celtic Knot Wedding Band. This piece is an authority in the Celtic jewelry world with its intricate design and expert craftsmanship. The center of the band features a 14K white gold pattern of the Caer Celtic knot, which perfectly loops and twists over the band. This knot pattern is given just the right border protection with the 14K yellow edges. The inner band, also of 14K yellow gold, boasts a comfort fit for an easy-to-wear wedding ring. The Caer Celtic Knot Wedding Band measures 7.5mm wide and 2.5mm thick and makes for a stunning wedding ring choice.
carved paisley wedding band ring goldAmong gold wedding bands for men, there are some choices for designs that will truly exude luxury, like the Carved Paisley Wedding Band. This ring is available in white gold, rose gold and yellow gold to help grooms customize their look. The band features an open pattern of thick swirls of gold that wrap with dignity around the band. This isn’t your average paisley pattern. Instead, this ring redefines luxury with its open-air feature and bold edges of rounded gold. At 9mm wide, the ring makes the right kind of statement for the distinguished groom, and the style will remain timeless through the fashion fads that come and go.

two tone gold hammered wedding band ringAnother two-tone wedding bands design from Apples of Gold makes gold wedding bands for men the style central. This particular band features a 14K yellow gold band with a white gold hammered finished center. A rope/miligrain inner edge rests on either side of the gold band. The inner band switches back to white gold to keep create an interesting and clean contrast. The Two-Tone Gold Hammered Wedding Band Ring in 14k measures about 8mm wide for a  masculine, but not overbearing fit.

The abundance of the gold wedding bands for men at Apples of Gold is simply outstanding, and every groom can agree to that. They have everything from Celtic to Greek, such as Greek Key Wedding Bands or Square Wedding Bands. Such rings are a study in architecture with their precise designs and expert carving. A Greek key-like design dominates the center and wraps over the entire band. The key design is flanked on either side by two golden ropes that offer excellent contrast to the key pattern’s shape. Two identical borders of plain gold finish the design with a polished look. The comfort fit inner band makes wearing this opulent piece easy, too.

Greek key wedding band ringGrooms can have their day in the sun when they shop at Apples of Gold for their wedding ring. The wide selection of rings makes it easy for even the most discerning groom to find his match. The gold wedding bands for men listed on are sure to be the right style and value that grooms are looking for. The timeless, precious nature of gold ensures that grooms won’t regret their purchase any time down the road. And, Apples of Gold offers its exclusive high quality guarantee to every wedding band they offer. This guarantee, coupled with the ease of buying online, makes Apples of Gold the obvious choice for today’s grooms. Whether they need a plain gold band for the simplest ceremony or the most opulent ring for outstanding luxury, they will be sure to find what they need from Apples of Gold wedding band selection.

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